World At least 2 killed in attack reportedly near synagogue in Germany -

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Mimon is a harmless schizo and lives somewhere else, fake news.

The attacker was fully kitted in combat gear (complete with helmet) and tried to gain entry into the synagoge. He also had explosives. 15 kilometers away from the Synagoge a Dönerrestaurant (turkish speciality, usually a restaurant ran by arabs or indians) was shot up too. Currently everything points to a right wing attacker, Brevik/Christchurch-guy type. One Arrest made, manhunt still ongoing.

For people from elsewhere: Halle is like deepest east germany, there are a lot more neonazis in eastern germany than anywhere else. They don't even have most of the refugees. It's unlikely this was arabs/islamists. Arabs/islamists who do terrorist shootings also don't usually get arrested.

EDIT: Looks so far the dead victims were one small girl and a man.

Wonder where they did get their weapons from. Wouldn't be surprised if they are the weapons that went missing from the Bundeswehr and Bundespolizei.
We didnt see or hear from any illegal weapon yet.

there are also secret weapons depots from the cold war all over germany.
and thousand of automatic guns went missing with the collapse of eastern germany.

Thats strange.
Police said the vitims were a men in the imbiss and a woman outside. the synagogue
Well you know how these things go, reliable information only in a few hours etc.

Far from it. Lots of people ended up very disillusioned with the west after the wall came down and they realized they're at the bottom of the new order. That gave rise to neonazis over there and they're very deeply ingrained and people from there tend to be a lot more nationalistic in general. Our east is basically a bit like the american south in these regards.

The photo is way too grainy to be able to say it looks like anything with any measure of accuracy, it looks just as much like a wood stock Ruger 10/22 or a fucking PPSh as it does an M1 Carbine.
We have the video where he is reloading the gun.
also m1 would be very exotic in the home country of the Mauser m 98
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