World At least 2 killed in attack reportedly near synagogue in Germany -

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were there reports of a couch?
It's becoming more likely:

... we have seen "that a heavily armed suspect with steel helmet and rifle tried to open our doors" over the security camera. A dead victim lied in front of the door.

The believers were very shocked."We have barricaded the doors from the inside and waited for the police"
Then the service in the synagogue continued.

He or multiple suspects also tried to open the gate of the Jewish cemetery next to it. said Privorozki.

Okay, better look of the gun. Looks more like an SmG as people has said before.
I don't know if I would call it right now. The photo is low-quality and I it doesn't look definitively like something I know of.

Someone please make a pentagram out of 7.65 French Longue so we can summon Ian from Forgotten Weapons?


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When the wall came down, many hoped to end up living the lives of their western counterparts. Instead they lost their (economically unsubstainable, because artificially propped up by the socialist regime) jobs and the western government didn't really offer them any help to get out of their new poverty whatsoever. Unemployment rates to this day are higher in eastern germany and it's still poorer in general as a result. That's what I meant. That ground also bred a lot of extremists, especially of the neonazi variant as eastern germans tend to be also more xenophobic probably because they were more sealed away from the rest of the world than their western counterparts for a long time.
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A witness at the kebab shop told German n-tv news that a gunman in camouflage had opened fire on the venue.

"The man came up to the doner shop, he threw something like a grenade, it didn't explode, and he opened fire with an assault rifle... I hid in the toilet," the witness told a TV reporter near the scene.


The article here.

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My thoughts and prayers are with the families of innocent people harmed by yet another autistic incel sperg "white" "man". Honestly anyone who can't get no pussy and his next rational choice is killing some random people and dying or going to prison is like flying a plane high over the peaks of autism.

And of all places, Germany. Nothing to salvage there, indigenous Germans should just die off in peace because the Turks and Poles who will inherit the land will do a much better job. Hitler himself said in 1945 that Germans deserve to perish from the face of earth and Hitler was right.

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Indeed. The joke is there was a guideline over there, that guideline was that there was to be no unemployment in the German Democratic Republic. (as it called itself, there were indeed elections but you could only vote for one party and you'd also better) This lead to such fantastic constructs where 15 people were "employed" for a job that could be staffed by two. It didn't matter much because often not a lot of work was done because factories didn't get the resources they needed to build their products, or they came with enormous delays, usually from similarly run eastern bloc states. It was a highly inefficent system but people got their money and even though there was not a lot to buy for it, they mostly didn't go hungry and had some luxuries now and then because eastern germany was supposed to prove the world that communism works and was helped along artifically accordingly. (that all being said, a lot of the higher ups and party members in good standing didn't lead much better lives than your average guy with a somewhat better job in the west) Then the wall suddenly came down and all these people were expected to function in a competitive capitalist system. They did not adapt well, even with the social help that system offered in Germany. This triggered a lot of resentment from eastern germans which is still existent to this day. Socialist run countries salt the earth economically for whatever comes afterwards for decades. Germans still pay an extra tax for economically rebuilding the east to this day. Literally.

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A witness at the kebab shop told German n-tv news that a gunman in camouflage had opened fire on the venue.

"The man came up to the doner shop, he threw something like a grenade, it didn't explode, and he opened fire with an assault rifle... I hid in the toilet," the witness told a TV reporter near the scene.

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The article here.
Grenades not exploding is the blessing of old military gear from Bulgaria. I'm curious about the automatic rifle, it looks weird though I'm not a gun nut. That he seemed to use a hunting shotgun in addition to that makes it seem, to me, that they had a pretty ramshackle arsenal.
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All-Points Bulletin to archive everything related to Mimon Baraka. He's apparently a Deustch lolcow / e-celeb.

Have they been duped?
Looks like it. For those wondering about the Sam Hyde character people mentioned before here is a translated wiki about Mimon Baraka.
EDIT: Screenshot of the page since didn't work
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