World At least 2 killed in attack reportedly near synagogue in Germany -

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The Black Man, The Crawling Chaos
Sounds like he got cucked by a locked door.
Nobody ever said that mass shooters need be particularly capable.

If suspect white they will catch him, if Muslim they will never find him - but will remember to call him an asian child in the legacy media.
But what if he's a white Muslim? :thinking:

He had a shop/home built single shot shotgun he was shooting black powder shells from, that's the gun he has in that front facing picture. There was a better pic on /k/ but I cant find it now. The wood stocked rifle/smg could also be home made. That would explain why it doesn't quite look like anything that anyone can identify.

@Null it was streamed and Idk how to save a twitch vid

vid confirms home built SMG and slam fire shotgun
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there is a video but I don't know how to download from twitch
Playing Mr. Bond - Power Level in the beginning

yeah, this is a Tarrant copycat, just really badly executed one.

He has at least two smgs and he also has a second shotgun pistol that like like a converted flaregun or starter pistol. He uses it in the kebab shop after he ditches the long barreled smg because it repeatedly fails to fire. Sounds like its ejecting rounds when he works the action so its either bad ammo or not hitting the primer hard enough.
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Joshua Moon of Las Vegas, Nevada

Forget Mimon Baraka, Austrian TV says the shooter is Drachenlord
Reminds me of the time people on /r/opieandanthony got some media outlet in Eastern Europe to believe Anthony Cumia was the Nice Bastille Day terrorist.

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