World At least 4 people dead in shooting, Canadian police say - Apparently guns exist in Canada, too


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Two police officers were among the four people shot and killed Friday morning in the Canadian city of Fredericton, New Brunswick, police said.

Fredericton Police tweeted "one suspect" was in custody, however, it was unclear if authorities were seeking any other suspects. Police said the suspect was "currently being treated for serious injuries related to this morning's shooting incident."

Police later tweeted that "there is no further threat to the public, and lockdowns are not required at this time." The department confirmed the crime scene was "contained" and they would be investigating.

"No names [of the victims] are being released at this time. Please appreciate this is a difficult time for their families and our colleagues. We will provide more info when we can," authorities wrote on Twitter.

Earlier Friday morning officials tweeted to caution residents to avoid Brookside Drive due to an "ongoing incident." Later, police confirmed four people had been killed in the incident. It was not immediately clear what caused the shooting.

Police urged residents to stay in their homes and lock their doors at the time of the incident. First responders were on the scene which was still active, local media reported.

Residents told CBC News the gunshots sounded like popping noises.

At least four people were killed in a shooting incident on Friday, August 10, 2018. (Keith Minchin/The Canadian Press via AP )

"With the tempo, it might've been a gunshot. It was sort of like a pop, pop, pop, pop," resident Robert Didiodato told CBC News.

Didiodato said people were staying inside their homes and following the department's instructions.

CTV News spoke to a woman who was escorted from her residence in the area and she told the station she heard what appeared to be gunshots. The media outlet reported police were talking to residents in the area asking what they heard/witnessed on Friday morning.

David MacCoubrey, who lives in Fredericton, said he heard about 20 shots and was hiding on his kitchen floor.

Two officers were killed in the incident in Fredericton, Canada, on Friday, August 10, 2018. (Keith Minchin/The Canadian Press via AP )

"I'm on my floor," he told the Associated Press in a phone interview. "The cops have come through my place. They have searched all the apartments in the building. It sounded like it started in the courtyard area."

MacCoubrey said police have been searching the buildings, and he’s been sitting away from windows.

Travis Hrubeniuk said his fiancée had just left for work around 7:45 a.m. local time when he began hearing a steady stream of sirens.

Hrubeniuk said residents have been advised to stay inside with their doors locked. The quiet residential neighborhood, which has houses, grocery stores, a church and an elementary school, is the last place Hrubeniuk said he expected to encounter a dangerous situation.

Map locates Fredericton, Canada, where a shooting has killed at least four people according to police. (AP)

"This is the first time I've even heard of any serious crime or violent crime in this city," he said.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted his condolences following the incident.

"Awful news coming out of Fredericton. My heart goes out to everyone affected by this morning's shooting. We're following the situation closely," the prime minister wrote.

Fredericton has a population of about 58,000 and is located just northeast of Maine. The city is the capital of New Brunswick.
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Derp Potato

Just a Spud doing spud things
Hmm, it's Canada so it being an incel is plausible, but there's confirmed kills, so it's likely a kebab...And since Saudi finances the majority of kebabs...

I'm voting incel just because I wouldn't put it passed them. Maybe they finally learned how to use a gun outside of games.

But also, inb4 America's and/or Trump's fault.

No identity of shooter yet coupled with multiple witness claiming to of heard “shut up” screamed multiple times before the shooting, I’d give the shooter 25% chance of a kebab, 25% of chance of a whitey, and 50% of a kang.


This happened in province next to mine.

From the photos of the place where it happened, it looks like possibly a domestic incident. Maybe three drunks and cops got called and the shootout went down. Or love triangle or maybe child killing parents.

But yeah, won't be any Allahu Akbar type of deal I think. Its huge news of course here in Canada. Our cop station lowered flags, a shrine growing at the Fredericton station etc. For the most part, in Canada cops are pretty much appreciated by the mass public.

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