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World At least 4 people dead in shooting, Canadian police sayApparently guns exist in Canada, too

Discussion in 'Articles & Happenings' started by CWCchange, Aug 10, 2018.

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  1. Kebab

    33 vote(s)
  2. Jews

    1 vote(s)
  3. Incel

    15 vote(s)
  4. Quebec Separatists

    7 vote(s)
  5. Jordan Peterson

    14 vote(s)
  6. Nickelback

    24 vote(s)
  1. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2018/08/10/at-least-4-people-dead-in-shooting-canadian-police-say.html
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    #1 CWCchange, Aug 10, 2018
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 10, 2018

    CWCchange ǝƃuɐɥɔƆMƆ

  2. Wonder if rank-and-file Canadian twitter users blame Americans for this.
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    Commander Keen

    Commander Keen in GOODBYE GALAXY!!!

  3. Not much to go on but I'll vote kebab only because the news blurb says they have no info on the shooter's identity or cause.
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    Alec Benson Leary

    Alec Benson Leary Creator of Asperchu
    Christorical Figure

  4. *bang* "Sorry!"*bang* "Sorry!"*bang* "Sorry!"*bang* "Sorry!"*bang* "Sorry!"

    And so on.
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  5. They'll find a way to blame America.
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    Wesley Willis

    Wesley Willis Rock over London, Burn down Chicago!

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    Okkervils Cat nips are great, I love all eight

  6. But but...they have sensible gun laws! That means nothing bad will ever happen!!! I'm mocking liberals not the Canadians for the dense amongst us.
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    Maxliam Professional Niggo

  7. Hmm, it's Canada so it being an incel is plausible, but there's confirmed kills, so it's likely a kebab...And since Saudi finances the majority of kebabs...

    I'm voting incel just because I wouldn't put it passed them. Maybe they finally learned how to use a gun outside of games.

    But also, inb4 America's and/or Trump's fault.
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    Derp Potato

    Derp Potato Just a Spud doing spud things

  8. Two of the dead are police officers.
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    A Name But Backwards

    A Name But Backwards Me love you long time
    True & Honest Fan

  9. How likely is it that the shooter's a kebab?
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    Figuratively Stalin

    Figuratively Stalin The Vanishing Lolcow

  10. Surely gun control laws would have stopped this from happening.
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    Venus Dat bitch

  11. I almost forgot that New Brunswick existed, and yeah, Canada has tons of guns.

    I'm voting semi-targeted gang violence.
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  12. Clean your room or else.
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  13. Huh, it's almost as if laws don't actually work a good deal of the time.

    InB4 "if this happened in America it would be a million times worse"
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    Duke Nukem

    Duke Nukem Dimensional Merge Welcoming Party #1218C197

  14. No identity of shooter yet coupled with multiple witness claiming to of heard “shut up” screamed multiple times before the shooting, I’d give the shooter 25% chance of a kebab, 25% of chance of a whitey, and 50% of a kang.
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  15. No Sam Hyde option? For shame OP.
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    vertexwindi Ohhh~ banana
    Supervisor True & Honest Fan


  16. So it only counts as two deaths, then.
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    MuuMuu Bunnylips

    MuuMuu Bunnylips Custom Titties

  17. I voted Kebab but it was probably white trash at that low-cost apartment complex on Brookside who started off beating his family then decided to start shooting cops.
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  18. Just vote 'all of the above' AKA Jews.
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    Feels Over Reals

    Feels Over Reals Neon Nazi

  19. This happened in province next to mine.

    From the photos of the place where it happened, it looks like possibly a domestic incident. Maybe three drunks and cops got called and the shootout went down. Or love triangle or maybe child killing parents.

    But yeah, won't be any Allahu Akbar type of deal I think. Its huge news of course here in Canada. Our cop station lowered flags, a shrine growing at the Fredericton station etc. For the most part, in Canada cops are pretty much appreciated by the mass public.
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    LiveFromNS JIMI

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