At what age does someone go from not knowing better to being a lolcow? -


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Like, at what point can you stop saying "This kid doesn't know any better. They'll realize what they're doing is wrong when they're older." and it goes to, "There's a snowball's chance in hell that this person will grow out of these shitty behaviors."

This came to me after I read some Jessi Slaughter threads, since she was particularly young when she came into the spotlight. I think we all did cringy shit as kids, but at what age should you know better?

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Late teens/early 20s or legal adulthood. At that point you've lived long enough to contextually learn behavior pretty well. I think our brains are done "growing up" at 25 or something but you can definitely run into proper "young adults" who mostly have their shit together before then. Conversely, if someone is in that age range and has the same kind of dysfunctional, narcissistic personality we see on cows then it's fair to go at them.

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I would say around the age of 18. 18 year olds still do the same dumb shit they have done throughout the rest of their teenage years but they should know better when they reach 18. A 16 year old is not going to know that the dumb shit they do is dumb. A 18 year old knows that the dumb shit they do is dumb but do it anyway.

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In terms of age, probably before 18; if not, by 22; if they haven't gotten their shit together by 27-28, tough luck. If you want to get technical, it all comes back to social upbringing and being self conscious, rather than being self aware. Like, if you know you're into some cringey shit or have some kinks that are in more gray area of acceptability, it's all how you come to handle it. For example, if you have fetishes, it's best to not openly ooze on about them live on the internet. Note for some, I didn't say socially unacceptable stuff, like diaper fetishes and pedophilia.


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I agree with first few comments.

I think the older you get the harder it is to snap out of the behaviors, and that you're less likely to understand why/how something is wrong the younger you are. At eighteen, if you don't have a good concept of what's right or wrong, then maybe you're out of luck. It's easy to do stupid shit when you're young and easy to influence.


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0-13: Who the fuck are you even talking to online you fucking pedo?
13-16: Automatic lolcow exemption because they don't know shit like everyone at that age.
16-18: Nigger, you should at least know the difference between "your, and you're."
18-25: They might grow out of it.
25+: They've either made a career out of it, or are famous beyond the realms of the internet.

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My gut instinct tells me around about the age of 15

By that point a nigger generally knows what shit is and is not cringy autism, and thus is actively choosing/innately drawn to engage in such behavior on their own volition which would qualify them in my book

What I would like to know however, is what age does one stop being a lolcow and start being a senile old person whose eccentric/obnoxious/obscene behavior is considered natural and unavoidable?