At what age does someone go from not knowing better to being a lolcow? -

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If you want exact numbers, I would say teen-age is when you're expected to start shaping up as a person - so at 13 you would give a kid ample allowance to fuck up and all the way to 19 it would be their last fucking chance to step it up, on a scale. At 20 that's it, if you're still acting like a lolcow, that's because you're a lolcow so if you don't wanna be, stop acting like one, son!

That being said, I'll go the other way around to some of the commentaries made here: I think even at a young age someone can exhibit strong lolcow behaviors. Most kids know to shut up and learn, even if it takes them 10 or 20 times to take a hint. If a young kid either: a) literally never ever learns any better or b) when faced with unavoidable failure, chooses to try again extra hard every time instead of stopping and coming up with a better plan... then even a 10 year old might be an actual lolcow.

Of course I'm not talking about a slow learner or someone who tries shouting louder so mom will listen to them two or three times before giving up. I'm talking about those lolcow kids that are hell-bent on fucking up every single time and tryhard at it.


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Sometimes making fun of young people goes well, sometimes you end up with tons of "not cool bro..." responses. It really depends on the atmosphere of the thread. Personally I think anyone can consistently say stupid shit, no matter their age, so it doesn't really matter if they're a "lolcow" or not.

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College years. The percentage of people able to look at pictures of themselves in their teens and not cringe is few, but most of us grow out of that shit. Up until about 22, with few exceptions, almost anything that comes out of your mouth is going to be fucking stupid and annoying because you don't know anything and have zero life experience.

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25 is generally when people have a firm grasp of what life is and how it works, so I'd say that's the cutoff point.
Teenagers are just fucking idiots and your early 20s is just a few years of elevator music as you get your head out of the clouds.
There's a reason you aren't allowed to rent a car or a hotel room before 25.


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Well I'm only 19 so this is probably going to be somewhat biased, but I think it's more of a threshold: at any given age past 10 or so, there's a point where they really have no chance of completely growing out of it.

Generally, a ~13-15-year-old doing the same shit as a typical lolcow in their 20s or 30s has a pretty good chance of growing out of it, but one who acts like one of the dumbest cows (such as Strikerwolf) is probably fucked for life.

For a hard cutoff, I'd say 18 for 90% of cases, and 21 for the more "benign"/less retarded ones.


I say people should start paying attention to what they say as early as 13. Sure, stupid shit is going to be said and done, and they still have the "They're still young!" curtain to hide behind if things get too rough, but they should have some idea about how to handle themselves On-Line by then.

By the time they hit 18, unless they get sucked into some College Tumblrina blackhole, they should know better. They're Adults, and can't hide behind the "They're still young!" curtain anymore. If they say stupid shit, it's fully on them.

If they do get sucked into the Blackhole, I'd say they have until a little after College, around 24-25.

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I'd say all hope is lost by 25, but you can tell who's gonna land on their feet or their face long before then. Anyone who has an epiphany at 24 probably wasn't that bad to begin with, and managed to change before they got stuck in their ways. They might have even had a niggling voice in their head all along that told them they were acting foolish.

People who act ultra dire and dramatic at 18, though? Yeah, they're most likely fucked for life.

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I probably know some that were in middle school and still are to this day, granted I haven't seen them since at least 2010. So, uh, 18?

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I'm gonna say 18 purely because I had a very sheltered childhood and most of my becoming not-cringy happened within like two months when I was 16 or so, like some kind of autistic epiphany of how obnoxious I was.
It's kind of frightening how short your life has been when you're young - all the cringy childhood/teenager shit feels like it's done and behind you, but it was literally all less than like five years ago.
25. At this point you are absolutely set in your own ways, and any attempt to reverse the stupid/autistic shit you do is too hard of an uphill battle to usually fight. I'd argue that there is a small 'grace period' of up to 28, if through a sincere come-to-Jesus moment you realize how bad your behavior is, but that requires an incredible amount of self-awareness (which most people lack) and a lot of discipline to follow through on that realization.

But essentially, at 25, you're DONE. On the bright side, this also applies for positive behaviors. So if you've learned to be sociable by then, for example, you're unlikely to fall down some autistic social-anxiety rabbit hole or engage in anti-social behaviors.
From what I understand, the part of the brain that handles all decision-making processes does not fully develope until - on average - 25-years-old. I am sure there are some people where it develops much later but I believe that 25 is the most logical cutoff point for certain behaviors. If someone is acting a complete fool after 25 years of age, something is wrong with them.

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i feel that anyone can be a lolcow, but before youre a legal adult you can only really be classified as a lolcalf. lolcalves, while theyre funny, are often given the benefit of the doubt due in part to them being so young.
most people that could have been considered lolcalves in their early years grow out of it and become normal people just like the rest of us. but sometimes, theres a simply exceptional individual (or group of individuals) that spark the graduation from calf to cow.
due to being lax, id say late twenties to thirties is when a cow officially blossoms. with exceptions of some younger horrorcows, of course. no way you can come back from doing illegal shit like fucking a dog, regardless of your age imo.