At what age does someone go from not knowing better to being a lolcow? -

It's not ever a see they don't know better. It from "reasons for concern" to " this guy s fucked".

sometimes signs are there before they are born. Two heroin addicts as parents? Yep ain't going grow up alright.u

basically if the child shows cognition at age of five then things will work out. If not then it's going be a long ride down.

It goes from "this kid got problems' or "their children are ducked". See onision. Great example. To 'this kids trouble or special". That's teen years. Then 20s it "this guy better get it together" . Around age 30 or so is when sh it hit the fan and either person commits suicide or then becomes a lolcow.

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I'd say 18 is when the gloves come off but I feel people can become cows at almost any age. There's always that one incident that pushes them over the line but the tolerance of cow watchers seems higher the lower the age, which makes sense since the younger you are the more retarded you are.


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I feel like I agree with a lot of these.

I also think it's important to give kids who are younger a chance once they get older to redeem themselves. It's a lot easier to go back to shitty habits, when people aren't willing to give you a second chance now that you're older and learned from your mistakes. Kids are people, except more stupid.



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I feel like somewhere around 16 for some folks but at the most, 18. But people like schizos or extreme autismos I give a pass to but will still laugh at them because sometimes their insanity is too damn entertaining.

I would say 25. It's a long enough grace period after college for people to grow out of that insulating experience, but if you didn't go to college you don't really have an excuse for still acting like an 18 year old in your mid 20's.


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By 25, you’ve had enough time to get your shit together. Go to college, get a career, move out, have a serious relationship. The fundamentals of adulthood should be in place. Maybe you’ll go through a period of uncertainty, maybe you won’t get the career you were hoping for, but you should know roughly where you’re going.

If you don't believe you were an idiot a year ago, there's a huge chance you're still that same idiot now. Most lolcows we know now in their late 20s-early 30s haven't mentally or emotionally changed from how they were when they were 14


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Realistically? It's on how you were raised. If your parents were shitheads (be it the overly coddle" ones or the "were drunks/drug addicts/assholes" ones), odds are you'll be one too.

In my honest opinion? Probably around 20-25. Most people are pretty dumb when they're kids or teens, but by the time you hit your early twenties and are still acting like a tard on the internet or in real life, then you're a certified lolcow by default.