Careercow Athene / Bachir "Chiren" Boumaaza - Cult Leader, Streamer, "PURPOSE", Philosopher, Jim Jones 2.0

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Bryan Dunn

KoP & Exceptional Detective
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Meet Bachir "Chiren" Boumaaza a.k.a Athene


If you do not remember who this insane, autistic, smug cunt of a person is then let me bring you way way way back to the time when World of Warcraft was actually Good.

Quote from one of Athene's Cult Followers
"A few years back, we got thrown out of DreamHack [a gaming/music/art festival] in Sweden due to security risks with the huge crowd of fans that would gather around Athene wherever we would walk."

Athene Became Notorious for wanting to be the Best(or already claiming to be the Best) WoW player to ever exist. He would go on to commit to record breaking World Firsts in the game, Win Poker tournaments and more. Following this he decided he wanted to save people in Africa so he began raising money for Charities dedicated to African Causes.

Now while this is all well and good, it will be the beginning of the end for our so-called "World Record Breaker". What's the next step when you've become hugely successful in the world of gaming? You guessed it -- an abrupt switch to lengthy, serious philosophical lectures!

In 2011, after a few years of gaming and antics, Athene released a 50-minute documentary about the nature of consciousness called Athene's Theory of Everything. I would compare it to If MovieBob decided to hold a lecture on "The Three Kingdoms and Chinese Culture" and how insane that would turn out to be.

It claims to offer a solution to the "many current unsolved problems in physics," and warns that it may require multiple viewings to fully appreciate the implications it has for life, death, and the origins of the universe. Needless to say, it caused both confusion and controversy amongst Athene's fans, especially since he has precisely zero relevant credentials (although its said "Athene studied political sciences, has a bachelor's in IT, and has spent many years autodidactically studying parts of psychology, neuroscience, and physics."). Some die-hard fans loved it anyway, because they're die-hard fans. That's what die-hard fans do. Others were baffled to say the least.

Other "Experts" decided to rip Athene's insane theories to shreds in multiple formats such as here

It's obvious that this "theory" is a completely informal rant. And that, together with the fact that he draws on concepts which are far removed from the usual physicists lingua, indicates that the video probably contains no new ideas. He essentially drops keywords from basic quantum mechanics/relativity.

But he looks cute and pronounces "Einstein" correctly.

and his fans rebuttal here

in late 2015, Athene began focusing heavily on philosophy. In November 2016, he released a 23-minute video called Science Finds God, a new-age mix of pseudoscience and philosophy explaining his outlook on life. it watches like some shitty Netflix Documentary between Ancient Aliens and Abductions! and WE FOUND BIGFOOT!

Here's a three-and-a-half-minute video on how to live an ethical life without God as a moral compass. Again, this is from a man who got famous for being really good at World Of Warcraft.

He also took his Twitch stream, which used to be mostly gaming shenanigans, and began to feature live philosophical debates between himself and other YouTubers(Because obviously Youtubers know so much about Science and Shit!). Here's the archive of a discussion on consciousness and determinism

Long story short: Athene has created a movement called Neuro-spinozism, or, more modestly, Athenism. It's inspired by Spinozism, a 17th-century religious movement that claimed every single living being's mind and body is part of an infinite interdependent organism, essentially meaning that all of existence interconnects to form God. You can learn more about Spinozism by talking to basically any stoner alive, but the point is that this guy became e-famous by acting like a crazy troll, then felt qualified to launch a quasi-religious movement.

Athenism began as a dude streaming from his apartment, but soon became a movement of about 25 people, all living together and working on "projects." Anyone can come join what Athene has dubbed the Singularity Group, as long as they're financially self-sufficient, a vegan, and serious about working.

Main Website here:



Athene made a video tour of his compound. And it looks like an appropriate dwelling to me

I cant decide whether it looks more like a college dorm, or just a few refreshments away from Jonestown (they debated a rule encouraging members to hug more, but ultimately decided against it). Here are a few of their projects

They think that their work, which includes messing around with hypnosis and sensory deprivation, will improve a person's cognitive abilities and unlock the brain's "potential." It comes off as a Cult with a modern day twist because the same showman tactics that help you develop a YouTube following are great for convincing people to pack up their lives and live with you in a converted retirement home.

Here's what they said a regular day looks like

"Everyone is sort of doing their own thing to try to maximize the impact we can have, so it's a continuously morphing phenomenon here and it really depends on who you ask when it comes to what a typical day looks like. For me, I'm right now fully into production of our next video on YouTube, and Athene spends a lot of time livestreaming and being part of brainstorming whenever people want his input."

"We do this in our main documentary, Science Finds God, and everything from the title to the way it is stylized is done in a strategic way to reach as many people as possible. While it's nonsensical to portray valuing critical thinking as something that is potentially psychologically damaging, presenting it as an almost arcane and dangerous brain-hack got a lot more people interested." Athene 2016

Obviously when Cynical and Skeptical or id say, Normal people, Started to question all this exceptionalism and cult-like behavior being produced Athene quickly stated this

"We did do a lot of math tests and such to document the 'click' effect as we're working on a scientific paper."

The "click" is his buzzword for the end-goal of his ideas. He claims that by making logic and critical thinking, not emotional decision making, the focus of your life,
"your intelligence goes up like crazy."
There are also other benefits to being logical. As Athene himself puts it, new members are
"going to get laid with logic pussy."
If enough people "click," the world will supposedly become a much better place where poverty is a thing of the past. Basically, Athene thinks that his thoughts will become the be-all end-all to Life's Hard questions.

"People can experience a strong shift in confidence and intelligence when deciding to value critical thinking more than what was previously driving them. In a similar way as a gamer who is much more invested in winning is more likely to win than a casual gamer, someone who highly values critical thinking is more likely to see logical solutions to problems. The effect has similarities with what is described in many spiritual teachings but as science evolves, it becomes clearer how such a mindset can be achieved more optimally and without the need for esoteric beliefs."

Athene claims to be the "The Most Intelligent Person On the Planet."

Yet, when his fans start accusing him of running a cult

He Doubles-down on that autism and insanity by MOCKING them for questioning his logic by LARPing

And yet dozens of people don't just move to Germany to help execute a joke. There's even a subreddit dedicated to helping people "make the click."


Others call Athene out for his Angry, Cow-like outbursts, and his disturbing attitude towards women.

While some just generally wonder what the hell is going on, and how to put a stop to it. How does Athene himself respond to being accused of running a cult? typical Cow behavior is how!

"We are a loosely defined group of people who work to make as much of a positive difference in the world as we can. The more we focused our content on critical thinking and exploring how science can nowadays answer questions that used to be considered as exclusively belonging to the domain of philosophy or religion, the more we were baffled that some people felt compelled to label our movement as a cult. But as with everything, we love to just roll with these things and use the controversy to our advantage rather than trying to fight it."

Now Remember how Athene loves to run very good and decent Charities? Well...
They ran into some trouble when trying to register themselves as a charity recent, and everyone had a laugh when one of their members jokingly suggested they just register as a religion ... until they realized that was a good idea.

"[Registering as a charity] turned out to be problematic due to the fact that we mobilize our audience to donate not to us but directly to the charities that we know are effective. As a result, we ran into the funny obstacle of every lawyer telling us we can't prove that it's us doing the fundraising. The twist we then came up with was: What if our non-profit would be a religion that is basically just critical thinking? The response we got from lawyers that we consulted was that this is a possibility, and we're now waiting to see if we get approval for it."

Now, its safe to assume Athene and his follower are on the Fast track of Drinking the KoolAid but before that it's time to play @Null FAVORITE GAME! That's right! CryptoShekels!

After seeing Bitcoin go off the rails, Athene has now created TWO of his own Bitcoin systems. One currency known as PRPS or Purpose, the Other is DUBI. He actively is streaming almost 24//7 pushing people to invest into his currency and its TOTALLY NOT A SCAM OR A PONZIE SCHEME AT ALL

Now he has some favorite characters of his group such as his TWO girlfriends and his best friend but they can fill up their own thread with Milk whenever people decide to look into all of this in depth and follow his active streams (Protip: He is LIVE right now)

Finally, no Cow is completely without some analyst Youtuber breaking down just how fucking insane this person is

Enjoy!!! :pinetar:

References and sources :

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Bryan Dunn

KoP & Exceptional Detective
True & Honest Fan

Surprisingly, I think once Athene's bitcoin scheme falls through or his many women press charges on him for sex slavery(:optimistic:) o even they start defooing members I think we will see a more serious crackdown and talks of "the afterlife needing to be reached".

If a WACO scenario was too be the ending of it, Itd be fucking glorious:story:

Bryan Dunn

KoP & Exceptional Detective
True & Honest Fan
This thread has potential to be pure gold! Keep us up-to-date OP and good work so far :achievement:

Usually when I make threads I keep them active for a certain amount of time. This guy streams 24 hours a day. The potential for milk is massively high. Just start going through stuff when you feel like it.

Also, do not be surprised when he makes an account here(or one of his members) to explain how we all need to "click" with them


Verified nobody
I have no doubt they'll be more than willing to give us years of content (or as long as their "project" stays alive) because "the Internet must know everything" :autism::autism::autism: This guy is already calling himself "the next Coming" and "the most intelligent/valued person on the planet", it's only going to get better!

It may take a while but I'm getting warm fuzzy feelings just of thinking of how much internal salt there will be in a few years when suddenly people start realizing none of the promises are coming true and that Althena is just another lying egomaniac :lol: the sheer potential here is crazy, as I've said, and even better they're all there of their own choice, which is always the best type of lolmilk.

Bryan Dunn

KoP & Exceptional Detective
True & Honest Fan
I have no doubt they'll be more than willing to give us years of content (or as long as their "project" stays alive) because "the Internet must know everything" :autism::autism::autism: This guy is already calling himself "the next Coming" and "the most intelligent/valued person on the planet", it's only going to get better!

It may take a while but I'm getting warm fuzzy feelings just of thinking of how much internal salt there will be in a few years when suddenly people start realizing none of the promises are coming true and that Althena is just another lying egomaniac :lol: the sheer potential here is crazy, as I've said, and even better they're all there of their own choice, which is always the best type of lolmilk.

Agreed. I think it all depends on his reaction and people tuning into streams

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