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Whoa whoa whoa... Athene is a cult leader?! how the fuck did this happen?!

I completely lost track of this dude, I'm just finding this out. This is beyond nuts.


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Chris Bratt has been looking into Athene's cult and he released a video about it the other day. It shows an interview with Athene getting really defensive about his ethics and he rambles on and on trying to dodge the questions.

Jesus, what a snake oil salesman! The way he talks about women and to women is so disgusting. The whole interview was hard to watch, but it was worth it to see his facade crack at the end when he felt his ego wasn't being paid its dues, and he had to start boasting about his power, effectively going entirely against the narrative he had been trying to build the whole interview.

I feel so bad for everyone involved with this cult. It's really scary how people can become so dependant and addicted to someone like this...
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I remember Athene as the "Best Paladin in the World" a decade ago because I would frequently watch World of Warcraft videos on YouTube and he came up quite a bit. It was some funny stuff. It's sad that he's progressed (regressed?) into some cult leader/snake oil salesman. I really miss a lot of the old Athene World of Warcraft content, it made me laugh.
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Many people here may not know this but Athene also streamed hearthstone on Twitch. His whole thing was "gaming for good" You were supposed to donate to help the kids in Africa. FOR DEM KIDS.

He would viewbot having like 7k viewers but one or two people in his chat. I would bring proof of this but youtube is currently still engaged in its wars with yt download sites and they don't work at the moment.

Well it came out that Athene was basically a scammer and view botting and he tried to get a streamer forsen to stream for him and he would give forsen $10k to do so. Forsen said no and so a different streamer Sodapoppin took a Athene up on his challenge and got the $10k.

This of course created a huge amount of Drama in the twitch community and eventually resulted in Athene saying that he couldn't provide enough evidence that he was innocent and he decided to just leave. All this autism is still around in the form of twitch clips and Parody songs.

I'll provide archives in the form of youtube videos once the downloader sites start working again.
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heard about him when diablo 3 just came out. think some of his bank info got leaked on one of his streams and he lost alot of money. heard he also had a mental breakdown after his father died and now trying to start up a cult? i have a good feeling about this.
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OP fucking sucks. and so does most of this thread. 90% of it is just bryan sperging like a fuckwit in defense of his incompetent OP. it does not do justice to this guy, who is a real gem. here are some elements of an OP with less autism. this guy has a substantial online presence and history, and lots of stuff that's by people that aren't him so i can't do it justice in one sitting. i'll keep updating this post for the time being to add in background and resources, but at least more of the material is in one place and not merely punctuating bryan's sperging.

edit: background info expanded and archiving. credit to People Make Games for collecting the info for the summary.


Athene, Bachir “Chiren” Boumaaza can be best described as someone who started off playing an eccentric character more than a decade ago, but eventually over the years became the character himself.

was a YouTuber who started off playing a character called “The Best Paladin in the World” who believed himself to be the best WoW player in the world. It seemed obviously parody. Like other early pop-culture related YouTubers, he was playing an exaggerated character, complete with other friends and shit production value, but the show was generally well-received.

Eventually, the crew drifted into making more sincere content, and published videos that were about topical issues and even published their own philosophy of life musings called “I Power”. Eventually this idea fizzled out, and Athene kept making gaming content, continuing to play up his self-important, over exaggerated character.

He eventually took a break from YouTube to return with a video called “Athene’s Theory of Everything”. It’s utterly exceptional, but he basically admits that it’s all bullshit, he did it for the views, and it might be an elaborate troll. He made more of these videos, but it’s still unclear how much he actually believes his own bullshit, or if it’s just a high production troll.

He then turned to charity, predominately garnering support from livestream events, and eventually, allegedly, making millions of dollars for Save the Children through his gaming content.

Eventually, the crew became so philanthropic that they decided to set up an “organization” (this is his cult/religion) in Germany called the Singularity Project, which seeks to “make a positive impact on the world”, or something. It’s all very vague, and running the operations, recruiting volunteers, and doing vague things seems to be the MO for Athene and the gange for now.

The group still makes gaming content, streaming on twitch and developing a mobile game, but the exaggerated character is long gone and has been replaced by Athene himself, a living parody of “The Best Paladin in the World”, one who appears to take his ideas very seriously, and one whose ideas are deeply at odds with modern values, especially about women.

Resources/online presence:

he made his own documentary back in 2014. i haven't watched it but it's probably informative. not sure if it's in the thread already buried in bryan's autism. it's entitled "My life as a gamer". lol

his book:

it's 50 pages or something.

social media:
Facebook: (
subreddit: (
soundcloud (for podcasts, most recent is 8 months ago):
crypto project:
wikipedia page: (

stuff about his upcoming game

his cult:
Wiki Page: (
subreddit (
Singularity Group: (
all the social media contacts on the Singularity Group go back to his personal/game accounts, not to anything by the organization itself.


Katarina Magdelinic

Recent Events

Around 22 or 23 september, Athene went on a podcast called the Rajj show with a bunch of other spergs and got called out for being a swindler, misogynist, emotional abuser, among other things. The whole podcast is four hours long. I haven't watched it so I don't know how concentrated the discussion is:

One of his orbiters, reese015 responded with a "debunking" video called Athene vs Cancel Culture, claiming i guess that dear leader can do no wrong and his attackers are incompetent.

More recently, a youtuber People Make Games started work on a documentary on Athene on the basis of an interview with Athene as well as other other info he collected from ex-cult members, posted on 7 October. The work on this documentary was public, documented on PMG's patreon page, and so led to tough questions from viewers of Athene's streams in the run-up to the documentary, as well as a hostile sperg-out in one stream claiming that the upcoming documentary would be utter bullshit. (You can find some highlights of these in the documentary.) At any rate, the documentary is live, and many of PMG's findings confirm the rumors of misogyny, emotional abuse, swindling, etc.

the documentary is here:

another one of his orbiters, who occasionally streams with him and who was the basis of the "emotional abuse" angle in the documentary, made a short video debunking the claims of emotional abuse and criticizing Chris from People Make Games for using content from her in a misleading way and using content her brother told him not to use.

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Athene was on the healthygamer_gg stream today (a show where a psychiatrist works with gamers/streamers). Athene dodged questions by turning them back around on the doctor. As well as making claims he wasn't a narcissist while making narcissistic statements. An interesting watch to see a professional grapple with Athene's "personality".

Starts around the 1 hour 26 minute mark - ( )
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I don't know how this hasn't been posted yet, but he did an interview with the Youtuber Glink in 2016~2017.

I just found it like a couple days ago and have yet to watch it completely, but I'm guessing since it's more of an informal and less focused on his misogynistic tendencies (a word I don't use with any laxity) and has more to do with his cult and "clicking", Athene just looks like a spastic cult leader (which he is).
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