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Ugh, that port. Aubrey's going to be the next Jaquie.

Interesting that she's another one in her twenties with a supportive husband while many people her age who aren't needy and insane can barely get a date from Tinder. I do wonder if some of these men get off on the "damsel in distress waiting for a knight in shining armor" act. There's so much codependency and enabling in Munchie relationships.

Aubs updates since the social media purge:
surprisingly, in a facebook post she says she's eating
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Awkwardly, our recently dearly departed Jaquie commented on this one:
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Aubs posted a chronic illness article on FB:
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Don't get your hopes up about Aubs abandoning the munch life: in her recent photos you can see a glimpse of the port she still has. at least she has mostly moved on to posting pictures of her dogs and less direct looking for asspats.
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She looks like she has downs in that picture. So nice to see you back Aubs I've really missed this.

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My longshot theory is that her husband hit her with the divorce papers so she had to calm things down to deal with that and losing his insurance. I haven't kept up with any of her social media though so they may have pics up from like a day ago and I wouldn't know.
Yeah I never really followed her. The only time I cared was when she was fucking with her feeding tube because she followed such a beautiful predictable pattern. And her husband always seemed way over it, like he had that Cupcake Dog thousand-yard stare in every photo I ever saw of him.

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It is super optimistic and giving Aubrey way too much credit, but what if she really is leaving the Munchausen life behind? She implies with the one post that she’s able to do things now, hasn’t mentioned any new surgeries, and has been working at farmers markets selling her plants. She’s done a lot of shitty things and wasted a lot of resources, but she can either continue to do that or move on to live a somewhat normal life. The damage from the unnecessary surgeries will give her problems for the rest of her life, but maybe something finally snapped her out of it.

Or she’s being threatened by insurance/divorce. You can never trust a munchie.

I think she doubled down on the munchie life and just had to shut down the social media source of ass-pattery because it was causing more trouble than it was worth.

I theorise she is still playing sick to get out of being an adult, but she has given up trying to convince a wider audience because too many of them inconveniently saw through the lies. I expect that she was running out of enthusiasm and steam for dragging herself all the way to Mayo in Arizona to shore up her claims. So now she just malingers to get out of having a real job, has her dinky little port and hopefully now is scared into giving up the feeding tube on her own terms (lets all remember how the ED doctor took that necrotic vector out of her stomach last time and the dead-eyed soul-less pretend photo op that came from it).

She looks a little healthier, she isn't dragging into her nasty web any more, but I don't for a minute see any remorse or improvement with those nasty-ass port dressings on display.

Eh the patch used to secure a port or IV gets dirty as hell, even laying in a hospital bed all day without touching it, they seem to pick up dirt and lint from clothes/blankets etc. I don't think dirty port tape is an indication of anything.
Her tape was usually not noticeably dirty in her now-deleted Insta pics from last year (some are still available earlier in this thread), and she's purposely caused infections by fucking with her ports and tubes. I'm highly suspicious of anything this one does. She is a self-injurious troublemaker through and through.


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Is the consensus on Aubs still that she DFE'd to avoid insurance fraud charges?
That's what most people are guessing. She's done posting directly about her "health issues" on social media. Most of her new FB posts are about her neices and nephews or her dogs. Unfortunatly, she still has the port so I'm guessing she's munching without the internet now.
@lamp shade I was optimistic like you until I saw she still had the port. I assume she's being threatened with lawsuit/divorce

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She was a fun one to watch, because she was Jaqui Lite. Maybe this week's events (and a divorce??) will take the Muching out of remission!
Ngl I casually stalked some of Jaquie’s previous acolytes from 2016/17 in the past few days, most of whom got sick of the criticism and scrutiny proximity to her brought them and went on lockdown. All of them had made statements in either /snow/ or the subreddit claiming to see how terrible their behavior was and what an awful awful influence Jaq had on them, that they were working on it and trying to mend their ways even if they maintained they were really truly super sick unlike her. Surprise! None have changed. One went from begging her church for prayers as her health continued to decline from her fake diseases to competing in a demanding sporting event in weeks. another one has a whole new litany of diagnoses to prove she totes wasn’t copying Jaquie but incidentally she needs all the same medical interventions and munchie toys. None of the ones I managed to track down made any mention of Jaquie dying because mentioning her would make people look at them critically again.

She’s going right down the memory hole. Won’t be surprised if, with the sub backpedaling into oblivion, the ban on munchie threads over at /snow/, and KF’s reputation as being a bunch of neo-nazis who literally murder autistic people every day scaring off the delicate, these forgotten wonders reappear to replace Jaquie like the hydra in the coming months.

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Welp, looks like she's back, in at least some capacity. Obviously she intends to promote her book, and she's stated that she's not going to be sharing "intricate details" of her health, so who knows, her content may end up being vague positive healthy living BS and not that interesting. Really curious to see what she ends up sharing on this account though.
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