Aug 2017 - Video of Chris dancing with "Magi-Chan" at BronyCon gala -


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If I were doing movies with the GalPals (and wanted to keep it somewhat appropriate/on Chris's Mental Age level) I'd pick:
Beauty and the Beast
Lion King
Lion King 2: Simba's Pride
KiKi's Delivery Service
La Puta: Castle in the Sky

All of these would work much better because everyone would've been entertained and they would have something for both the girls AND Chris to like. I get it was Chris's Birthday but Borb should've done something to thank the girls for their kindness. Also, why was their a white stain on the crotch of Chris's pants during the party? Even Bob looked disgusted by it
Knowing Chris, I'm surprised he's had the self-restraint not to reenact the plot of Transformers: The Movie to his Gal Pals with his toys.
How many movies did they actually watch for Chris’s birthday?


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OK, why the fuck is Boba Fett there?
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Because he's a fan of the MLP franchise...?

I feel foolish now...but I actually sat and stared at this for 5 minutes without seeing Chris. Even though he was right there in the middle of the screen. The creepy dancers, wizards, nerds etc around the screen mae me unable to focus.
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How many movies did they actually watch for Chris’s birthday?
According to @Chandler Cats , it was just the one movie:

I had this conversation with another Kiwi at an IRL meet up. We were trying to decide how long they actually stayed and figured it was whatever the running time on "Burger Town" (or whatever it was) they watched was. I honestly have known kids nice enough to help out a kid they felt sorry for. I swear in every picture of this party they are at the edge of their chairs and look ready to bolt. We sort of came up with, show up, drink soda and eat pizza while watching movie, have cake, open presents while having cake, oh look at the time, we need to be going ... They may very well have been paid but I don't think we have hard verification on it, back in 2013 Barb had finally had it with his mourning his GalPals and spat out that "your father negotiated with the principal to have them be your friends and watch out for you, and that's ALL they were." -- (he mentions that "one way of acquiring 'friends' was through 'negotiation' in his tour of Lego Manchester High and he sounds bitter and betrayed AF about it. Marvin at some point confirmed it pretty much happened like that -- if we have another semi-regular Field Agent they might be able to elaborate.)
Because he's a fan of the MLP franchise.
Further proof that the only cool thing about Fett is his sweet space suit.

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That whole thing was just a sad slice of sub-culture. Even with a common interest none of those people could actually interact with anyone that they didn't already seem to know... Jr. High school dance indeed.
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