Skitzocow Augustus Sol Invictus / Austin Gillespie - Crazy Lawyer and Failed Politician, Kicked Out of Libertarian Party

Meet Augustus Sol Invictus

He's an attorney from Orlando, FL who runs his own law firm, Imperium. (Archive) (Archive) He wants everybody to know that he is a genius, owns multiple computers, has his own personal library, and is "God's gift to humankind" in terms of the English language. (Archive) Augustus Invictus, as you can probably imagine, is not his birth name--he changed it at some point before sending a bizarre mass email in 2013 stating that he was renouncing everything, including his poetry journal and American citizenship, to go off into the wilderness of Florida and begin a new civil war when he returned. (Archive) (Archive) (Archive)He stated that he had prophesied this war for years. The full text of Invictus' email, which was sent to several of his law school classmates, is as follows:

Crazy Person said:

To the Grey World of Man:

They say that only failures become revolutionaries; that those who perpetrate violence in the name of a great cause only do so because they have failed at everything else in life. In other words, they only become revolutionaries because they have achieved nothing of value in the “real” world.

Witness ye the glory of my life at 29 years of age: I have four children, each of whom should be the envy of every parent in the world; I have attained a Baccalaureate Degree in Philosophy with honors; I have attained a Doctorate in Law, cum laude; I have acquired licenses in the profession of law in the States of New York, Illinois, and Florida; I am scheduled to acquire two more such licenses in North Carolina & Massachusetts; I am Editor-in-Chief of a poetry journal; I run an independent publishing company; I have opened my own law office in downtown Orlando; I am an MBA candidate; and I have accomplished a few other things that will remain off the record for now.

I am of genius intellect & cultured, well-educated & creative, well-mannered & refined. I am God’s gift to humankind where the English language is concerned, and I also happen to have a basic knowledge of Latin, Greek, French, Spanish, and Italian. I am musical & artistic; I am athletic & possessed of militant self-discipline; and I am many other things. I have a Cadillac & a poodle, multiple computers & a personal library; I live in an apartment downtown, right across the street from the courthouse; I have been to Paris & Vancouver, to Cairo & Dubrovnik, to Mexico City & Siracusa. I dress better than all of you, pronounce my words perfectly, and have a winning, professional handshake. I am everything you ever wanted to be.

I challenge any of you, then, to accuse me of being a failure in this artificial civilization of yours. For it is beyond dispute that I have played your petty game, and I have won.

But your game no longer holds any interest for me. Your architecture is vapid & worthless, as is your decadent culture, the mindless drivel you call music, the filth you call democracy. You waste your lives watching pure excrement on television, shopping at the strip malls, planning your vacations to resorts & theme parks. The Internet, with its infinitude of information, is used for reading celebrity gossip & watching sitcoms. You have begun to reduce argument to memes & human communication to trite sound bites. Life has become trivial – and if you cannot feel the human spirit decaying, you are already dead.

As for those in the profession of law: The vast majority of you are nothing more than parasites. The only reason you eat, the only reason you can afford to have roofs over your heads, is that the lives of others have been ruined by the very laws & social order you claim to be legitimate. You feed off others like worms, and were this world & their lives just & in order, you would be out of work. Look upon your lives, and repent.

This modern civilization of which you are all so fond deserves naught from me but the violence of my contempt; and if you were strong enough, you would hold the same contempt & turn your torches upon the world as I shall.


I hereby renounce my licenses to practice law, my diplomas, my affiliation with Rollins, DePaul, and the University of South Florida, my United States citizenship, my membership in the Roman Catholic Church, my law firm, my publishing company & poetry journal, and all of my material possessions.

To those who believe that this great renunciation is evidence of mental illness rather than the initiation of a spiritual journey: If my example stirs nothing in you, if you can see no further than the confines of what your secular humanism & its hallowed psychiatry allow, then there is nothing I can say to you that would wake you from your slumber. You are less than the beast in man. You are fungi. Would to God that you pass quickly from this Earth.


I have prophesied for years that I was born for a Great War; that if I did not witness the coming of the Second American Civil War I would begin it myself. Mark well: That day is fast coming upon you. On the New Moon of May, I shall disappear into the Wilderness. I will return bearing Revolution, or I will not return at all.

War Be unto the Ends of the Earth,

Augustus Sol Invictus
Orlando, Florida, USA
XX Aprilis MMXIII Satvrnvs

A month after this, Invictus made a video (which I sadly could not find) in which he talks about how viewers' children will fight in his civil war and that the FBI had contacted him over the previous email, among other things. (Archive) The author of this article goes on to state that Invictus' law school classmates always thought he was a bit weird, but the email and video made them realize that he was being completely serious when he had said and done unusual things in the past.

Invictus identifies as a pagan. I have found references made to him being a Satanist in the past, although he has apparently since deleted the evidence of that.

He is also apparently an author, having written at least two books. (Archive)(Archive)(Archive)

Invictus has gone on the record as stating that he supports eugenics and opposes the right of women and minorities to vote, among other generally frowned upon views. (Archive) Despite this contradiction with the party's beliefs, he is currently seeking the Libertarian Party of Florida's nomination for the United States Senate seat currently being vacated by Marco Rubio. (Archive)(Archive)(Archive)(Archive)(Archive)

Here are some videos in which Invictus attempts to defend his views. He becomes incredibly defensive over the fact that political consultants have told him that his ideas, political imagery, manner of speaking, and personal history would turn off voters. Note the accusations that many of his accusers are not only merely misinterpreting him, but are also lazy and unemployed. Also note his manner of speech, which resembles Leonardo DiCaprio's in Django Unchained; according to at least one of his law school classmates, this is not his natural accent.

Proving that this isn't just a :ruse:, here are several news articles, the majority of which are from the Orlando Sentinel, mentioning cases in which Invictus is an attorney. (Archive)(Archive)(Archive)(Archive)(Archive)

From what I can tell, there are four possibilities as to what is going on here: Augustus Invictus is a delusional wacko (in which case we should laugh at him), he is a tryhard edgelord (in which case we should laugh at him), he is an unmedicated scizophrenic (in which case we should laugh at him and hope that he gets some much-needed help), or he is an overly-dedicated troll who went way too far (in which case we should laugh at him). Maybe a combination of the above.

Here are a few more links, as well as a recording of Invictus performing Aleister Crowley's "Hymn to Pan."

Facebook (Archive)(Archive)

Facebook campaign page (Archive)(Archive)

Twitter (Archive)

Instagram (Archive)

YouTube (Archive)

Campaign YouTube (Archive)

Campaign Website (Archive)(Archive)

LinkedIn (Archive)

Google+ (Archive)

Pinterest (Archive) (Archive) (Archive) (Archive) (Archive)

There may be stuff that I've missed, so if you happen to catch anything, be sure to archive it and share.

Also, if someone could mirror his videos, that would be great, as I was unable to.
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Eric Borsheim
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Although he claims that the fasces represents the roman republic and america as its revival he probably doesn't even know the difference between the roman empire and the roman republic. In the roman republic there was no axe in the fasces because it symbolized arbitrary state power which was supposed to be absent in the republic, also augustus destroyed the roman republic by transforming it into the empire. It is clear what the real reason for the fasces is in his logo.

John Furrman

Behold Chaos
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Naming himself after a Roman emperor and the "unconquered sun" deity. I'm smelling schizophrenia.
Well, consider this: Schizophrenia can come bundled with not just delusions and hallucinations, but along with long periods of inactivity (they will stare at a wall for an hour or so, or excessive sleeping), crippling paranoia, anhedonia (they don't feel pleasure), substance abuse issues, and problems with managing personal finances. Once the disease takes, it just gets progressively worse over a period of 7 years. Usually problems with money appear first.

No, this guy just has his head up his ass. Schizos are wrecks of people and since the disease sets in around the time of post-secondary education, a lot of the afflicted have troubles getting through a 4 year program.


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Megalomania is the more likely answer.

I get the feeling that this is a man who wishes that he would be a god instead of just a man.
That's the vibe I get off him, I would love to see a chimp out, but I am sure this man will keep offering cringe.

He seems to have an at best rough understanding of Roman history and a hugely inflated ego due to his clearly higher IQ proven to him and the world by his degrees.

And he's in Florida? Someone tell this guy he should represent @Brad Watson_Miami , since they both have deity connections. I'm sure it'll be a very productive meeting.
He does seem to be drawn to defending nutty/controversial figures, as can be seen in the newspaper articles in the OP, so I could actually see that happening were Invictus not in Orlando.


Give me some sugar, I am your neighbor
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So is he active or what? This is a truly worthy example of what we seem to be here for. I look forward to other developments. Too bad he seems far to up his own ass to become a whiny bitch. Most of the people on this board as subjects seem to do that. He seems like someone who'd start a cult instead and give off this super secure attitude regardless of their real internal psychological structure.


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He does seem to be drawn to defending nutty/controversial figures, as can be seen in the newspaper articles in the OP, so I could actually see that happening were Invictus not in Orlando.
While that's enjoyable done by someone like Dan Carlin, I think his will be a lot more looney and amusing.

inb4 Calligula didnt do nuffin wrong.

So is he active or what? This is a truly worthy example of what we seem to be here for. I look forward to other developments. Too bad he seems far to up his own ass to become a whiny bitch.
Yeah, he's active. The two YouTube videos I posted are from within the last week or two. I can see him sperging out, as he did a bit in said videos, although he'd most likely try and couch said chimpout in with his word choice.


Give me some sugar, I am your neighbor
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So you mean having a tantrum? If he's verbose enough he could hide it I guess, pose as grandstanding.
You think he'll ego surf sufficiently or some ween would end up bringing him here or are we just small fries to him?

So you mean having a tantrum? If he's verbose enough he could hide it I guess, pose as grandstanding.
You think he'll ego surf sufficiently or some ween would end up bringing him here or are we just small fries to him?
No clue. He does seem sensitive to criticism, but I'm not sure. Hopefully, we get to watch him for a little longer before he googles himself or some weens direct him here.


In this video, Invictus talks a bit about his past, as well as his reasons for running for the United States Senate. Note his desire to punish DEA agents and his comments about the Mojave Desert. Still having trouble mirroring videos, so there are no backups at this point.
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As I have just posted on his Facebook campaign page: "In a 2013 mass e-mail Invictus formally renounced his United States citizenship. He is therefore, under Constitutional law, ineligible to run for Senate."
He didn't actually renounce any of those things, nor did he "disappear into the Wilderness" of Florida as he claimed he was going to do. Still, it may be interesting to see what he says.

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