Skitzocow Augustus Sol Invictus / Austin Gillespie - Crazy Lawyer and Failed Politician, Kicked Out of Libertarian Party

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How very intriguing that they don't mention that the kidnapping charge was dropped because the 'victim' wasn't even in the same car as the 'perpetrator' when they both consensually travelled to Florida. Makes it a little hard to claim that someone's holding a gun to your head when you aren't even in the same county let alone the same car.
Except that article does mention exactly that.

“There were no threats of violence and she drove to Florida in a separate vehicle,” Barrowclough said. “That’s not kidnapping. To call that kidnapping is absurd...It’s ridiculous.”
I assume the part about separate vehicles is verifiable. Everything else would be he said, she said.

I think Convictus had mixed race kids BEFORE becoming a nationalist. Doesn't he also have two white kids with someone else? He said he has 10 kids total, five of which are people of color, two are white, and three are unaccounted for.

I feel really bad for Convictuses kids, especially the colored ones. Imagine growing up knowing your own parent hates you because of your race when said fucking parent created you? Its like they made their child just to bully them.
Has Invictus actually said he "hates" non white people? Not all ethnostate spergs do. For Invictus I always got the feeling that the ideology is more about appealing to his delusions of grandeur than a personal hatred of the browns. It's really hard to peal back the layers of the performance to the real person with Austin. Still probably not that great for your emotional health growing up either way.

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Kiwi-Chan loves you, even if no one else does.
FBI-SPLC Connection

Augustus Invictus wrote an article today allegedly exposing some FBI agents who apparently work with the SPLC.
I wouldn't be surprised. We know that glow niggas are trying to run psyops on 4chan and 8chan because they accidentally gave themselves away. Working with the SPLC is almost mundane for feds in the current clown world gay ops surveillance state. But this is a classic case of right message, wrong messenger. The likes of Augustus going off about this, especially amidst his ongoing trial, will be extremely easy for the press to spin to make the collaboration look more valid and reasonable than it by any rights should.

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Kiwi-Chan loves you, even if no one else does.
New campaign..but not for president.
From "pay for my presidential run" to "pay for my legal fees." That is the story of a downfall, friends.

Do any of these cocksucker ever pay for anything themselves rather than begging.

Anyway, the judge is going to sent a written judgement out sometime next week and Convictus is still in jail.