World Australian Federal Election Thread - May 18, 2019 - Pug Dog murdered by Antifa?, Jews being called Nazis and a PM hellbent on stopping DA TWOLLS.

Are all pugs Nazi Pugs?

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  • Shooting dogs make the meat tough.

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あかんで !
I'm putting all this shit into one thread, because the election is soon and things are already heating up.

A quick rundown :

  • Liberal (our version of conservatives) candidates under attack in smear campaign designed to "make the liberals un-runable".
  • Liberal candiate for Lyons (Tasmania) Jessica Whelan, has been excommunicated for saying that Muslims are shit. Is now running as an independent.
  • Liberal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg (a Jew) has had his campaign posters defaced with Swastikas and Hitler moustaches. (He's not the only jewish Lib to have that done to him this year).
  • A supporter of Victorian Liberal MP Sarah Henderson, has had their pet PUG dog murdered by someone. The dog was shot and killed and placed underneath the sign supporting Sarah Henderson. Was it a Muslim or was it Antifa? Are all pugs Nazis?
  • Liberal current PM is still hellbent on protecting us from Da Internet Trolls.
  • Something about Space Invaders vs Classic Space Invaders? I have no fucking idea.
  • Dumb American Thot Kristina Keneally screeches about Space Invaders comment.

Overall, the media is reporting very little of what is actually going on, the leftist media outlet ABC is going all out to defend their leftist agenda.
The media is also handwaiving the dog "incident" off, because lol... who cares about a dog, amirite? PLEASE LET ALL THE ILLEGALS IN.

@CWCissey isn't going to monopolise autistic elections any longer. High Score Australia is here.

Targeting of candidates during federal election campaign 'deeply disturbing', 'utterly unacceptable'

By political reporter Jade Macmillan
Updated Sun at 11:09am

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has described Nazi imagery painted over one of Treasurer Josh Frydenberg's billboards as a "deeply disturbing" sign of "ugly hatred" in the election campaign.

Key points:
  • Kristina Keneally likened Scott Morrison's "space invader" move to Mark Latham's infamous 2004 handshake with John Howard
  • Mr Morrison has laughed off the comparison and denied he had overstepped
  • Both sides have criticised the targeting of candidates as unacceptable

Mr Frydenberg, who is Jewish, said the swastika and moustache painted over the billboard in his Melbourne seat of Kooyong was emblematic of "a broader and disturbing trend in society of antisemitism and intolerance".

"[The] vandalism of my posters was not only a criminal and cowardly act, it was an insult to all the victims of the Holocaust and to every Australian serviceman and woman who served in our armed forces against tyranny," he said on ABC's Insiders.

"We need to have a debate about ideas and about people's words and actions, but we can't sanction or greenlight such intolerant views."

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Mr Morrison said a supporter of Victorian Liberal MP Sarah Henderson had also been recently targeted during the campaign.

"One of the worst stories I have heard — true story — Sarah Henderson told me about it, she's obviously the Liberal member for Corangamite, down near Geelong," he said.

"One of her supporters had a poster of her in her yard. Someone shot her dog and put the body of the dog below her sign. I mean this is just appalling.

"Sure, we can disagree about these things but that doesn't give anyone the right to engage in this sort of ugly hatred."

A spokeswoman for Victoria Police said officers were aware of reports that a dog was shot and killed at a property in Apollo Bay on April 19, before being found by its owner the next day.

Police have not received an official complaint.

Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen condemned the vandalism of Mr Frydenberg's campaign material, which has previously been targeted, as "utterly unacceptable".

A composite image shows Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten during respective campaign eventsPHOTO: Both leaders were hoping to move on from recent candidate dramas. (ABC News: Ian Cuthmore/Matt Roberts)

Prime Minister accused of a 'Mark Latham moment'
Both leaders have also been dealing with the wash-up from Friday night's second leaders' debate, with Labor MPs criticising the Prime Minister's performance as "aggressive".

Opposition leader Bill Shorten described Mr Morrison as a "classic space invader" as the Prime Minister leaned in during a tense discussion about tax policy.

Labor Senator Kristina Keneally likened it to Mark Latham's infamous handshake with former Prime Minister John Howard during the 2004 election campaign.

"Last night we saw the real Scott Morrison. Not the knockabout bloke, not the daggy dad, but someone who is arrogant, aggressive and quite frankly, desperate," she said.

"His space invader moves, they weren't pretty at all."

Mr Shorten said Mr Morrison's conduct suggested he was "under pressure".

"I have had a lot of people respond and say they would prefer to see their Prime Ministers and Opposition Leaders, keep your cool at all times," he said.

Mr Morrison laughed off the comparison to the handshake and rejected suggestions he had overstepped the mark.

"I was just simply trying to encourage him to tell the truth and to look me in the eye and tell me the truth and he couldn't do that either," he said.

"I'm happy for Bill Shorten to put on a cabaret performance in a debate but that's not how you run a country and I don't think that's what Australians want to see."

The crowd of undecided voters watching the debate handed a narrow victory to Mr Shorten.

More candidates questioned
Both leaders were hoping to move on from the candidate dramas overshadowing the campaign in recent days, as two Labor and three Liberal candidates were disendorsed.

Five candidates who didn't make it to election day

However, Labor's candidate for the West Australian seat of Durack, Sharyn Morrow, is said to be "deeply ashamed" following reports about online comments she allegedly made about refugees in 2013.

"These are inappropriate, old posts and Sharyn is deeply ashamed of them. They don't represent her views," a campaign spokesperson said.

The Liberal Party has defended its candidate for the seat of Canberra, Mina Zaki, after questions were raised about whether she had fully renounced her Afghan citizenship.

"Despite the difficult circumstances, Mina Zaki has indeed managed to renounce her Afghan citizenship and obtain from the Government of that war-torn country documentary confirmation that she has lost her Afghan nationality," a campaign spokesman said.

"She would be an outstanding representative for the people of Canberra."

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First posted Sat at 4:04pm
Here are the disturbing anti-Muslim Facebook comments that led Tasmania's Liberal candidate Jessica Whelan to resign

MAY 3, 2019, 12:26 PM
Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty ImagesJessica Whelan and Prime Minister Scott Morrison at an ice cream store in Tasmania.
A Liberal Party candidate has resigned after admitting to making anti-Muslim comments on Facebook

In screenshots obtained by the ABC and the New Daily, Tasmanian candidate Jessica Whelan made derogatory remarks about immigration and Muslims.
On Friday morning in a statement obtained by WIN News in Tasmania, she admitted she was behind some “ill-advised and misinformed comments in the past” and tendered her resignation. In the statement, Whelan did not clarify which comments she posted.
View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter

Holly Corbett (Monery)


BREAKING: Here is a statement from Lyons candidate Jessica Whelan. While she's left the Liberals I can also confirm she will be running as an independent. #politas #auspol #ausvotes @WINNews_Tas


9:46 AM - May 3, 2019

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In one of the remarks, a person who appears to be Whelan commented on a news report by Nine News posted to Facebook about Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor who shot dead Australian Justine Damond Ruszczyk in 2017. “He’s a filthy Muslim!” it read.
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The same person, identifying themself as Whelan, commented on another post about the Australian flag on One Nation candidate Malcolm Roberts’ Facebook page, writing: “I care about our safety. How about we have a referendum on whether or not we close our borders to Muslims? Now that I would vote for.”
On a post about refugees being sent to Armidale on a far-right, anti-Muslim group’s page, a Facebook user with Whelan’s name and photo commented: “Don’t bloody send them to Tasmania, we don’t want them.”
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Despite admitting to some of the posts, Whelan strongly denied she had made vulgar comments on a post about feminists, genital mutilation, and Muslims, claiming it was digitally manipulated.

The comment read: “Round them up Donald, cut their clitorises off and sell them to Muslims in Muslim countries and cancel their passports. You’ll make a mint.”
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💧 Kiera@KieraGorden

Ladies and gentleman - please meet Jessica Whelan, the @LiberalAus candidate for the seat of Lyons. All class. Pauline would be so proud. #AusVotes19 #AusPol


2:06 PM - May 2, 2019

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“Jess Whelan vehemently maintains that she did not make the vulgar post reported in yesterday’s media,” the statement from the Liberal Party said. “However, she accepts that she has made some of the other posts in question.”
Prime Minister Scott Morrison addressed Whelan’s comments on Thursday and said the Australian Federal Police (AFP) would be brought in to investigate.
“On Jessica Whelan, the imagery that we’ve found or that has been presented to us appears to have been doctored, so what Jessica has done is this matter has been referred to the Australian Federal Police,” he said, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.
In a comment to Business Insider Australia, the AFP confirmed it has received a referral in relation to this matter. “While it is being assessed, it would not be appropriate to comment further,” the spokesperson said.
On Friday, Morrison said new posts had surfaced overnight and that had changed his understanding of the matter. By Friday, the Liberal Party said in a statement that they had accepted Whelan’s resignation.
“Clearly these posts are inappropriate, and the Liberal Party was not aware of their existence until they were reported. Therefore, she has offered her resignation as a candidate and the Liberal Party has accepted it,” it said.
Business Insider Australia has contacted Facebook for further insight and has not been able to independently verify these screenshots. The Tasmanian Liberals and the Liberal Party have been contacted for further comment.
UPDATE: This story has been updated following the release of a statement by Whelan, denying additional comments.

Dog victim of 'political assassination' - PM
Rebecca McDonald / 06 May 2019

sarag henderson fb
The federal election campaign has taken another bizarre twist with the Prime Minister suggesting the death of a dog at Apollo Bay may have been meant as a threat to Liberal MP Sarah Henderson.
The pug is thought to have been shot before its remains were discovered at Easter, near one of the Corangamite MP's election signs.
It is understood the dog belonged to a former staffer with the Howard government.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison claims it was a 'political assassination', and has called in federal police.
Ms Henderson described the situation as deeply disturbing.
"A support of mine who has been displaying election signage on his property has had a terrible situation where someone has entered his property and deliberately shot his dog," she said.
The dog's owners are understood to be overseas and did not notify police of their pet's death.
Meantime, Ms Henderson has made more promises less than two weeks out from the May 18 election.
She has pledged $3.5 million dollars for the Drysdale Sporting Precinct, as well as $135 towards the redevelopment of the Ocean Grove Surf Life Saving Club and $127,000 for the Winchelsea Cricket Club.
Labor candidate Libby Coker last month promised $3 million for the Drysdale precinct if the ALP wins government.


I am imaginary
I'd vote for Jessica.

Also I'm not buying that 'filthy Muslim' comment, seems a bit too conveniently offensive.

Edit: On second thought, she probably did say it. She's a fiery one.
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Gustav Schuchardt
My roommate's sugar daddy is from Australia so she has to research this shit all day so they have stuff to talk about, lmao.
Fucking Kiwis. I bet he makes her dress up in a sheep costume and then locks her in his basement too


This post is a joke. Seriously I hope the right win and the left lose to add to the global trend of lefties getting BTFO'd by the electorate. I'm aware that New Zealand and Australia are different countries and that Fritzl was Austrian.


The LORD JESUS CHRIST and Nothing Less
True & Honest Fan
Last week a Labour (translation, Democrats) candidate in the Northern Territory was un-personed and forced to stand down after someone found he’d shared a video on social media about Jews being shape shifting lizards.

What’s bloody hilarious is that he’s Aboriginal.

This election has muck chasers from every party digging through every rival candidates social media for dirt. Something like 3 or 4 people got eliminated last week. It’s autistic and tedius as hell.


DO THE HUSTLE! [*Disco Intensifies*]
I hate the federal election. We didn't vote the last guy in, nor the current PM, no way I'm voting for that clusterfuck Coalition, especially after the NBN fiasco.


Plug and pray
I hate the federal election. We didn't vote the last guy in, nor the current PM, no way I'm voting for that clusterfuck Coalition, especially after the NBN fiasco.
We haven't had a PM actually last a term since Howard and, well in my opinion the NBN was really badly planned from the get go but someone(Labor) needed the votes.
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