World Australian Federal Election Thread - May 18, 2019 - Pug Dog murdered by Antifa?, Jews being called Nazis and a PM hellbent on stopping DA TWOLLS.

Are all pugs Nazi Pugs?

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  • Shooting dogs make the meat tough.

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정말로? Yes! Okey dokey yo.
Labour thinks China is meddling in our election :

Labor takes action on fake Wechat posts
By AAP07:47
Labor is taking action over fake posts and doctored accounts on Chinese social media platform WeChat spreading misinformation about its federal election campaign.
The posts target Labor policy on issues such as Safe Schools, taxes, asylum seekers and the economy.
Some of the anti-Labor material can be traced back to Liberal Party members, The Sydney Morning Herald reported today.

One of the WeChat posts includes a tweet purporting to be from Labor leader Bill Shorten saying: "Immigration of people from the Middle East is the future Australia needs".
Both Mr Shorten and Prime Minister Scott Morrison have WeChat accounts. The platform has become an important tool for parties seeking to woo electorates with high numbers of Chinese-Australian voters.
Labor has written to WeChat parent company Tencent about its concerns about "malicious and misleading content" and "fake news".


This is the One Nation candidate for Canning, WA. Vote for him.

Why do the aussies call their conservatives liberals? What do you call your liberals? Is it just part of everything in australia needing to be backward on account of the hemisphere?
The easiest way to think of it is like this : In theory, the Liberal Party is more like Classic Liberalism. They're for economic freedom and civil liberties. They're also highly fiscally conservative as well.

The Labour party is more like the socialist ideal. They were for unions and shit like that back in the day.

Basically, traditionally, how it works is like this : When you have Labour in, they waste lots of money and want stupid shit like more migrants. They also pretend to care about Abos.
When you have Liberal in, they tend to fill up the coffers by not spending on stuff and also selling off various things.
Traditionally, they are tight on immigration.

Since Malcolm Turnbull coup'd his way into the PM spot, the Liberal Party has been in shambles and its traditional lean towards classical liberalism has been tilted towards more of a American Liberal stance, because Turnbull wasn't really an Australian Liberal, he was just a turncoat who went into whatever party he could get power with.
He was a tumor that the Liberal Party had to excise, which they did in 2018.

Labour is becoming more and more autistic progressive socialist. The leader, Bill Shorten, used to be head of the Unions group. Basically, if Australia let's that exceptional individual in, we're even more fucked than having the living embodiment of CWC, Scott Morrison, in.

Hypothetically, you could vote for more far right parties like One Nation etc, but there's little point, all their votes get landslid to the main two parties anyway.


Not the fun kind
Yes I was looking at the policy pages after hearing about this.



One Nation and Pauline Hanson it's leader has been attacked by the media and the other political parties for decades now, media smears, hammed up criminal investigations that were later dismissed. They are all determined to not let them in. And yet they were still able to get around 9% of the vote.



Not the fun kind
And today in this bastion of democracy, our PM has had eggs thrown at him by this chick.

“The 24-year-old woman was arrested and taken to the Albury police station. During a search of the woman, police located cannabis.”

Anyone who can eat a raw onion to appeal to voters is okay in my book.

"This is what normal voters do right?"



Not the fun kind
I found out people were talking about a political compass that would tell you what party you were likely to agree with. According to their data, here's how the parties sit in relation to each other. I checked out the test and it seems fairly accurate.



Not the fun kind
Interesting. I thought I would have rated more socially conservative.View attachment 752487
Sorry, @Tard Baby, @LofaSofa & @Ron /pol/, I guess I am a dirty libtard after all...

View attachment 752512
You'd be surprised just how far left the Greens are. They are virtually bordering being the LGBT/Socialist Alliance policywise, both economically and socially. In fact according to some sources, all of the parties have continued drifting left over the past few decades.

I thought it'd be weighted, since it was via the ABC, but I think my results are pretty much what I expected.

View attachment 752500

So it will be interesting.
Wow thats almost exactly what I got.


Absolutely impartial.
Mine's a former traditional Liberal seat that's swung to Labor the past couple of elections. Also some of the electorate boundaries have been redrawn this year; it'll be interesting to see if it makes any difference. There's quite a few independants that have stuck their hand up for this election, so I daresay there'll be a cat fight over all the preferences.
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The clown prince of your broken heart
Who are the people voting for Clive Palmer this election? Why are they doing this?

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