Culture Australian Man, 21, dies after drinking protein shake with '50 coffees worth' of caffeine - /fit/ 'unable to comment' on the matter

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Australia and caffeine?

Christies Beach cafe Viscous Coffee is serving up the “Asskicker” iced coffee, which contains five grams of caffeine — about 80 times the amount of a single shot coffee — and half the dose considered to be lethal.

Owner Steve Benington said the caffeine fix was designed to be consumed gradually over three to four hours, and provides 12 to 18 hours of “sustained up-time”.

“Some people love it and some are broken by it but it’s all in the name of fun,” Mr Benington said.


“Caffeine is a drug, not a game or a toy, it needs to be respected not abused, “ Ms Lewis said.

“There have been a number of documented cases of hospital admissions and also death with caffeine intakes less than half of what is contained in this beverage.”

SA Health did not comment, but referred to Food Standards Australia and New Zealand’s October 2015 paper on caffeine which states “there is currently no recognised health-based guidance value, such as an Acceptable Daily Intake, for caffeine”.

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Jesus, I guess Ralphie May came closer to the end back there than we thought.


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Not sure how in works in Australia but here in the UK if their is a post mortem or any blood analysis work then that's up to 3 months wait after the inquest hearing then up to another 3 months until final verdict hearing of the cause. So 6 months seems about right.
Inquests here can take place a couple of years after a death. A lot of deaths which are notified to the coroner don't require a formal inquest, though.

Full toxicology results can definitely take several months to come back here, but that's not the reason this story is suddenly getting media attention. His parents are on a crusade at the moment and have been giving a ton of media interviews. They also want a full inquest into his death.

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Sounds like a great way to fucking kill someone. Put two teaspoons of flavorless pure caffeine in their drink and give it to them. 2 hours later their heart explodes. Literally no trace and no way to prove you did it.
>literally no trace
>article is about how a post-mortem found highly unusual shit in the body in question

>literally no trace
>article is about how a post-mortem found highly unusual shit in the body in question

Highly unusual but literally impossible to prove you were the one who put the caffeine in their drink. I meant no trace in terms of no way to forensically prove who "fired the gun".
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It sucks that this dude died tbh, seemed like he was just a regular bloke who fucked with shit he didn't understand. I'd blame whoever maintains this illusion that caffeine is harmless. Apparently this shit is basically meth with better PR if you get enough of it.


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"Rumours that Lachlan died of a drug overdose were quickly quashed by a pathologist"

That pathologist needs to have his license revoked, as this dude DID die of a drug overdose.
Yeah, this; I love coffee, but I have no idea why it is not considered a drug, especially when you see what happens to people who overdose on it (twitching, sweating, jittery speaking, etc.)


it just goes on and on and on and on...
I'm guessing he assumed (if it was labeled at all) that it was a serving size. Like how bottles of soda used to have a serving size of 1/3rd the 32oz bottle to make their nutritional information look better (this changed in the States at some point to where the info was for the bottle total).

Who hasn't ignored serving sizes? Do you measure out a teaspoon of chocolate syrup for icecream? Measure out a half-cup of refried beans? But unfortunately it was dosage, not serving size, and he died.
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Why do they even sell this shit if it can kill at such low doses?
It sounds to me like he took several times the recommended number of doses. I'm pretty sure half of the shit in your medicine cabinet would kill you if you took far too much of it. Hell, anything will kill you if you take too much of it. One woman nearly died after drinking a whole bottle of soy sauce. Personally I don't know why anyone sells that shit because I think it's disgusting, but most people would look at you weird if you tried to start some big health concern over soy sauce.

I'm not going to do extensive research on the number of people who die from caffeine powder overdoses each year, but I'm willing to be it's pretty small. There are likely tens if not hundreds of thousands of people who regularly use the powder responsible and without any such negative consequences. Don't let one idiot's stupidity ruin shit for everyone else who isn't a complete tard.


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Powdered caffeine is insanely dangerous. A friend worked for an online vitamin company that sold this stuff by the pound with no kind of warning label whatsoever.. people who want to make their own fitness drinks can accidentally kill themselves because the serving size is smaller than any typical household measuring device, and you can buy a shit ton of it online for like $30.
Yeah, looks like he thought the caffiene powder was just like the equivilant of a spoonful of coffee, he was probably drunk as fuck too, so he probably thought it was the coffee.

The amount of Men that die trying to get buff for the ladies...

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