Australian Music Thread - We are on fire and make good tunes

Should Australia Burn?

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    Votes: 12 33.3%
  • No

    Votes: 7 19.4%
  • I give no fucks

    Votes: 4 11.1%
  • Australia?

    Votes: 13 36.1%

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Post good or bad strayla tunes. Give me and the others good tunes to burn to. I'm going to try and post some graveyard train. I don't know how, so sorry if videos don't appear properly.

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Loving the input everyone. Could one of you wonderful bastards tell me how to get my videos to turn up as viewable on site? Instead of the links I post. I'm a shitty phoneposter if that makes a difference. Got some Naz Xul and morbid tent wank I'd like to share. Keep it burning.

Also, frankenbok

Also also. Frenzal.
click on the 3 dots, then media, then paste in the YouTube URL, or type it manually as shown.

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