Australian Music Thread - We are on fire and make good tunes

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It’s been cool to see to see these guys change over the last decade. They’re a fun show too.

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Can any of you upside-down motherfuckers explain how Drapht went from this:

To this:

And dragging Hilltop Hoods into this crash? Bro why.

Easybeats had many cool tunes. One of the band-members was the brother of that guy from that other more famous Australian band which massively out-lasted the Easybeats but which most people think are American. Forgot their name.

Anyhow, surprised no-one's posted the atrocious madness of out-of-space-colour metal band Portal.

I remember back in the day seeing a late night MTV special where Thurston Moore was recommending all fans of The Chats to check out their compatriots Kitchen People, for some reason. Was it because they share the catchy garage riffs? The accent? Or was Thurston Moore just talking out of his ass as usual? Still can't tell when that guy's tuning his guitar and when he's actually playing. What does he even know about catchy music...