Australian Politicians Want Octagon Girls Banned from UFC 243 -

We have come a long way in making sport more accessible for women and girls
Hitting shift+delete on jobs that rely on good looks, accessible? Every bisexual woman I've known (and holy shit a lot of women have that going on) would ogle at those bodies with the rest of us. Only pearl-clutching cunts with self-esteem issues have a problem with an attractive woman. You can dye your hair and be body positive all you want, but as soon as you start crying that someone has a job based on her good looks, you're a 1930's vacuum-pushing Christian lady.

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I thought it was her body, her choice. It's not as if Dana White is grabbing these women off the street, stripping them down, forcing ring girl clothing onto them and making them parade around the ring with a sniper trained on them.

He's paying attractive women who ARE WILLING and DO CONSENT a lot of money for 10 seconds of walking around every 5 minutes or so for one night. What a bunch of idiotic politicians who can't even get their narrative right.

Belligerent Monk

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Whatever. It's only the event in aussieland.
I see a few relevant possible plays here:
1) Give an ultimatum. No ring girls no event. Stress the concept of empowered women willingly and enthusiastically taking these jobs. Imply that refusal= sexism.

2) Give em ring dudes with monster dongs instead. I hear Thunder from Down Under is accepting bookings. Then, if no outcry about over-sexualizing men in the same way they think the women are, double down and call em sexists.

3) Do the event as planned anyway, girls and all. Hell, get ones with even bigger boobs. For every cuck'd aussie screeching about it you've got at least 12-20 beer swilling fight enthusiasts praising you for sticking to your guns. The news coverage of any dissent will rake in some pretty decent lulz for a week or so and will only be taken seriously by that fringe minority of twittards anyway.

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because the tradition is “sexist” and “outdated,” according to several local politicians.
A Politician's job is supposed to be listening to society not controling it.
When the fuck did we start allowing these shits to have opinions!?
We really need to start culling Career polititions, this shit's getting out of hand.

Peter Lalor
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>Daniel Andrews

>Sally Cap

>liberal politicians in Melbourne, Australia
Liberalism in Australia is different than in the United States as it refers to classical liberalism, rather than the liberalism that was made manifest by the communist Franklin D. Roosevelt

Also I don't think that the the Lord Mayor of Melbourne and the Melbourne City should ban women from participating in UFC activities as well as other sports event.

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I thought it was her body, her choice. It's not as if Dana White is grabbing these women off the street, stripping them down, forcing ring girl clothing onto them and making them parade around the ring with a sniper trained on them.
That's a pretty good fetish I'm not gonna lie.
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Has anyone asked the ring girls their opinions on whether Australian politicians should be allowed? Because they probably have a less stupid pov.
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“The Grand Prix did the right thing in ending the use of grid girls, and we encourage other events to make similar moves,” the Andrews spokesperson said.
And if they don't listen to our kind and measured encouragement, we'll change the law and force them to comply.
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“Grid girls are no longer part of Formula One''
Yeah and the FIA did that out of the same sort of virtue signaling bullshit as these people, because nothing says feminism like a bunch of old french men in suits telling willing women what jobs they're allowed to have.

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