Australian Tribal Elders Call For International Intervention Against Genocidal Actions On Their Communities

Harlay de Champvallon

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Nov 3, 2019
it takes me more than three paragraphs to get rambling, clown. I was merely sharing a video calling for international attention. I didn't even know that it was about that until i listened to the whole thing after i first shared it. If you all hadn't been such infantile idiots, i would have fetched things about that, but at this point, all you assholes want to do is fling poo at me, so have a hearty fuck you from me back to you , Monsieur Douchenozzle who just took an irrational piss in my face.

lol. you failed again, colonized cunt. strike fifteen. you're out. i won't be responding to any more until you get really desperate for my attention and say something so stupid i have too.

You could have focussed and made a good post, instead you give a slew of barely related things. It can take just a sentence to ramble on a topic.