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Heh, I may not be a fan of Autism Speaks. But come on, is there anything he'll not chimp out over?
I noticed his mentions "Nobody cares about their neighbors". That just hit a wrong note or me since I have next door neighbors I do care about. They've helped me out a few times. Of course I should expect that from Enter anyway.


To be honest, I'll give him a pass for chimping out here, only because it's a serious topic, and not My Little Pony. Other than that, this is basically a dramatic reading of his journal entry, with a random commentary thrown in.
He gets a pass from me because he said that organization is toxic and only seeks to dehumanize and marginalize autistic people by defining them by their condition, but otherwise it just seems like random raving and ranting.

Also I sometimes wonder if the founder of Autism Speaks is really a self loathing aspie psychopath who made the organization as a weapon to lash out at the world with. No confirmed diagnoses but there could be a cover.
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The other half is the usual "I have autism and that makes me speshaul!" bullshit you see on vid like this.
We're all pretty much the same decaying sacks of shit thrown into life without asking for it, yet we're all somehow unique in genetic structure, personality, experiences, tastes, and class. The problem I have with "special snowflake" as a label is on a deeper level, we're all special snowflakes - we're all unique in some way, yet fragile against the relentless forces of darkness, death, and entropy. Autistic people who don't act like the world owes them shit are really just barely different from any neurotypical, so every time being around someone with autism turns into a pissing contest over who's more/less special...well I just wanna punch someone in the mouth.


Enter is a special snowflake. Also gotta love that he's the expert on everything. That's one thing that annoys me. Enter think he's the expert on everything from mental disorder to animation to literature.
Without the label of "special snowflake" for people who act like the world owes them just for existing or who think the world should adjust to shelter their sensibilities, we'd just call him a pretentious, oversensitive manbaby. Like I said we're all unique and individual "snowflakes" of DNA, individuality and uniqueness to an extent are hallmarks of humanity. We just call the ones who are more radically individualistic names depending on what level of sensitivity they impose on themselves - if they're over sensitive, "SPESHAL SNOWFLAKE!!1". I guess my point is, Mother Nature herself would be calling us all special snowflakes for evolving beyond her design of life and making our own, unless that was her intention. We're pretty much the special snowflakes of the natural order of life itself if you think about it (barring any intelligent hominid species that exist in some other solar system and do the same shit as us).

Anyway yeah all Enter is, really, is a layman of these things and it's annoying when he acts like an expert. All of the "speshal autistic" people are annoying as fuck too because it makes the whole spectrum look like special snowflakes which isn't constructive to the fight against Autism Speaks.
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The hamster that ate your trefoils.
I don't mean to sound rude, but he looks way older than someone in their 20's. :|
And I don't know why, but this video is awkward to watch for me. I cringed the first time..
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