Autism you witnessed IRL - share your stories

Worked on a loading dock at one time, so there were a few speds that would come and go. But there was one I hung out with outside of work called Hands. He was a high functioning autist who was obsessed with bowling, WWE, Jeff Dunham, and losing his V-card. He had the stare, glasses, overbite, and some big ass hands. He sounded like Napoleon Dynamite, and the uninitiated are convinced I mock him when I imitate his voice.

Anyway, we mostly hung out with him because his meds guaranteed us a DD and he had a weird sort of charisma that made his autism somewhat endearing. We were out bowling, drinking, and seeing if we could trick women into sleeping with us when the next lane over some beautiful ladies showed up with more women than men in the group. After me and the other guys there predictably struck out, Hands wanted to make a pass at a blonde we had ignored. So, being the autist I am, I encouraged this. He waited until she went to the snack bar and then made his move. When he came back, he dejectedly said she was not, in fact, a boyfriend-free girl. This was obvious to me, considering she was at least FIVE MONTHS PREGNANT and macking on a lucky bastard besides, but Hands claimed not to have noticed. He never really lived that one down.


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A few years ago, I knew this autistic teenager named Martin (or something) and his sperg sister (whose name I can't remember because I didn't know her well at all). Anyway, he would sometimes show up to these church activities because he was a couple years younger than me (t. zoomer). I can't remember all of the interesting things he did, but here are a few.
  • Martin grabbed some random adult's phone and immediately went to the Play Store to download a mobile game called Dancing Line.
  • He randomly turned up the air conditioner so it started heating up the room. The heater almost never gets used because I live in a pretty warm area, so it started to make the room smell weird.
  • One day he showed up to a lesson with earbuds and started swinging them around in a circle. (I think they were earbuds. I don't remember exactly what he had, but just imagine it was a pair of earbuds.) He got told to stop swinging them around because it's dangerous, but he didn't listen so the earbuds got confiscated and given to his parents. He just sat there sulking afterwards.
  • Both Martin and his sister really like Pokémon and especially watching the TV show. I once went to their house and for almost the whole time I was there (not very long), they just sat in their room watching the old episodes of Pokémon that they checked out from the library.
  • Martin couldn't speak clearly at all. He was super quiet and mumbled all of his words.
That's all I can think of, maybe edit this or make another post if I remember something else.

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Back in high school there was this kid I knew. Nice guy, did charity work, always was up for a friendly chat. And he wasn't too spergy, but he could have his moments.

So back when school shootings were less common, we used to make jokes about him being a shooter, because he was the quiet nerd who had been bullied before. He joined in, but had a tendency to go a little too far. Someone would make a crack about him being on top of the music building with a sniper, he'd keep the joke going by pointing out since it was connected to the main building he could strafe the entire outdoor area and then throw a bomb into the cafeteria, but delivered in a way that made it sound like he was actually planning to do so, until he laughed. Somebody would make a crack and he'd pretend to grab a pair of scissors to stab someone with a mean look on his face. We'd be talking and he'd randomly say something like "See, this is why you're not on my kill list." A few people were disturbed by it, but then he'd start acting normal and eventually you'd forget. I later learned that every teacher was watching him just in case he did snap. But after Virginia Tech happened, he never made one of those jokes out of respect for the victims, feeling it was in poor taste.

In hindsight, I probably should have said something to him. But he was the type of guy you knew was never going to hurt a fly so it seemed silly to even consider it.


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Hey look it's me again, whether you count it as a chimpout or autism is up to you

But I was waiting for a cross walk light to turn green to walk home like I always do

Black guy jumps a curve, nearly causes an accident then sits in the middle of the road, gets out of his car then starts screaming at me

Now I had my headphones in so I didn't hear shit, was wild to witness

Edit: no I wasn't near the road or the curve, i may walk home but I'm not an asshole to drivers, dude legit just screamed at me for no reason


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I was reading my old emails and realized I used to sound autistic as fuck, just overthinking everything and going into way too much detail and probably coming off like I was trying way too hard to write eloquently, even though I would have told you at the time that it just came out like that.

And then I remembered an old friend who liked me a lot, who was autistic, who recommended that I should join SA because I was very goon-like, who was upset when I started experimenting with drugs because it made me different.

mfw he was telling me to join SA because I was an autist
mfw doing drugs saved me from a life of unchecked autism

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I was reading my old emails and realized I used to sound autistic as fuck, just overthinking everything and going into way too much detail and probably coming off like I was trying way too hard to write eloquently, even though I would have told you at the time that it just came out like that.
Believe me, I feel the same way.

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I just remembered this absolutely weird thing that happened around a year ago, it came to me like PTSD flashes.

My partner and me were going out to a restaurant, and after us, a heavily pregnant lady sat down on the table next to ours. While him and me were talking she always shot us extremely weird and almost angry glances (we both assumed it was because we don't speak in the country's language to one another) but we just ignored her.

Then her food arrived and she threw a fit. Her Bibimbap (classical Korean food) was served with a raw egg yolk (as written on the menu). Apparently raw egg yolk is bad for unborn children (I can't confirm that) and she insisted that the server did this on purpose to harm her and her child. The server told her multiple times that she can just bring her the food without the egg, that she's sorry etc. But the pregnant woman just spooned up the egg and shoved it down her mouth, saying something along the lines of "if my kid dies that's on you".

Alright. As if that wasn't enough, some time later a gay couple came into the restaurant. They apparently didn't know the woman but since she was hogging a 4-person-table for herself, they sat down with her, ordered food and talked to one another. The woman at some point started joining their conversation without being invited to do so. At first they were talking about how bad "kids nowadays" are (they were all teachers - of fucking course they were) and then the topic shifted to the woman's pregnancy.

Well. Let's just say I got all the little details of a pregnancy all while trying to eat. About her pains, vomiting, cramps, sex drive, discharge from her vagina etc. If we weren't already almost-finished with out food, I would have just up and left or asked to be moved to another table. It was extremely uncomfortable and unbearable.

And knowing that those people teach kids just makes me want to poke my brain out.


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Less autism I have witnessed and more autism I have exhibited.

I was asked by two girls in high-school what my favorite thing about band was and I started talking about Slipknot. They both laughed in my face and walked away.

I only realized about a year after the incident that they were referring to the school band and not fucking Slipknot.

I’m not sure if she was low functioning or just had Down syndrome but there was this one chick in my drama class during high school who was just fucking wierd. She always sat on the floor, and scribbled in coloring pages. When she did talk in front of the class the lisp was so bad I couldn’t understand, the only things I could get were dolls and tinker bell. Put it bluntly, she looked like a fat toddler. Michelin man arms and all. I’m short and even I towered over her. Also caught her one time going through my backpack and the teacher told me I had to be nice. Bitch literally went through my stuff! But then again he was the one teacher no one liked, not even his own daughter.

I’m generally seen as the nice kid in class, even if I do have my moments (read: 3rd grade throwing the tiny rocks that lined the swing set instead of fucking grass or something else at the autistic kid who I’ll be talking about) so the special Ed kids always flocked to me. Most of them were high functioning and I really couldn’t tell they were special Ed unless I saw a wrangler once in a while, hell there were even a few wranglers who knew me by name. So cue an 8th grade Frog who didn’t feel comfortable sitting with her new choir friends and her old elementary school friends but her current middle school friend and her new choir friend decided to join them. And then enter K. Dear god me, the choir friend and her had so many wierd larps involving creepy pasta and fnaf n shit. I felt bad for the non larper, but we were close still. Long story short it got wierd, I left the fnaf fandom two weeks after I entered it and we were good. Let’s jump to high school, it had just begun, my middle school friend introduced me to some new people, who would become some of my closest friends. And she would also introduce us to homestuck. But more on the homestuck later. So K decided to join us and bring her boyfriend, Austin, who at one point was a friend but we kinda drifted. For context he always brought a captain America mask in 5th grade, and at one point kissed me on the cheek and I was so damn flustered and confused I didn’t tell anyone until way after the fact. So K keeps stealing our new friend, J’s food, which he obviously brought from school and she still had food on her plate. So J is like “Austin control your girlfriend.” And Austin threatened to kick his ass. I’m not sure what happened in me but the day after I banned both of them from the table. Somehow Austin smuggled moonshine into school and was proudly bragging about it, and at this school there were 4 security guards. How the hell at least 1 of them never heard was beyond me.
So about homestuck, it was the end of the year and our friend, L was talking about it and Dave (I’m calling him that because dude looked like Dave Strider but darker hair) was discussing it so we made a few ocs, I made a sensible but narssistic Jade Blood who fit well into the rules of the universe that I had no idea about (and subsequently obsessed over. I still treasure the OC since I miss that friend.), I don’t remember what the Choir friend made, and at some point I had invited K back, but on the conditions she stop stealing food and Austin would stay away so she decided to make a purple blooded insane cat girl who had no logic fitting in even as a joke. Me and L looked at each other, back at her and told her politely that it was a Mary Sue. I don’t remember what happened exactly but I think it was fack you I do what I want. K also proudly read and wrote smut with the Creepypasta characters with underaged ocs because she thought it was hawt. At least when I read fan fiction in class I did the work first.

I’m trying to dig up a couple more stories because I was essentially an unpaid tard wrangler at 8 and I think my mom was a paid one before she had my brother. So between the two of us we might have a couple. One I know involves the parents selling the kids medication but I don’t know exacts


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There was this one kid I knew for maybe half a semester of my sophomore year of high school; he was a tall, lanky, balding white kid with a downy face and a downy voice that was also particularly punctuated by a thick southern drawl and, man, was he a real character. A summarized background of his autism consisted of thus:

  • He really enjoyed telling stories, I would assume for the sake of either impressing people or garnering pity for himself judging by the content of most of his tales. The credibility of his stories is up to speculation considering he mixed in some horrifying personal tales of domestic abuse with tall tales regarding his identity and activities outside of school.
  • The horrifying, potential abuse stories, from what I vaguely recall, consisted of the fact that his father frequently drank and assaulted him and his mother, his mother frequently assaulted him both verbally and physically, his father was a schizophrenic drug dealer who illegally owned a firearm and wanted an excuse to shoot someone in cold blood, and that the kid himself had once been forced to live in his own backyard for roughly a month, completely exposed to the elements, purely because his parents didn't want him in the house.
  • The obvious fabricated stories he told to try and impress people were a bit fewer and far between, but I recall at least two notable tales: One in which he claimed to have spent a 2-day weekend where him and his father drove all the way in a "Mustang Ferrari" to Lambeau Fields and back to watch a live football game, and that he personally met and shook the hand of Vince Lombardi while he was there. This was in the mid-to-late 2000s, for the record, long after Lombardi's death, and let's just say the distance between where we lived at the time and the state of Wisconsin was quite considerable, further adding to the implausibility of his account. That one earned him the nickname of "Rambo Fields" by most of the school, since, while discussing the details of the story, he continually flipflopped between referring to the location as "Lambeau" and "Rambo" Fields.
  • The other, prominent tale he told was a flimsy attempt to convince everyone at the school that he was actually an undercover U.S. government agent in his 40s posing as a 15-16 year old, teenage male, here to secretly investigate the school and all the students and faculty within. He did not seem to see any inherent flaw in the logic of blowing his own cover by revealing this information to literally every single person he could, even when questioned about it. This story earned him the honorary title of "Secret Agent Rambo Fields" before long.
  • Now I don't remember exactly what he said in these particular, recurring situations, but he would constantly blurt out the most inane and unrelated shit in the middle of any given teacher's lectures, interrupting them constantly, or he would frequently, loudly whine that he didn't understand the subject material and wanted the teacher to hold the whole class up to explain things especially to him. There was at least one incident I can recall where a teacher got fed up enough with his bullshit that they screamed at him to shut up, to which promptly got red in the face and curled up into a little ball as best as he could in one of those chairs with a desk attached to them.
  • Ultimately, the kid ended up sealing his fate there at the school when he started bragging to people about how he suddenly had a "hot girlfriend from the Netherlands" that he supposedly had pictures of on his phone. Naturally, we goaded him into showing us the proof, which he ducked and dodged on for half a week until he decided he was only going to show them to the "people he trusted the most". This ended up consisting of a bunch of freshmen of which he had very little previous association to begin with. Said freshmen decided to euphemistically finger him on the matter, since we had an ethically ass-backwards school administration that cared an inordinate amount about ultimately harmless things, and reported him for exposing minors to porn. Only thing I knew at the time was that an announcement had gone out ordering him to come to the school's office, and I found him about 10 minutes later holing up in one of the boy's restrooms to avoid going. I asked him what was up, and he proceeded to show me the offending picture on his phone, which was nothing more than some decently attractive, potential supermodel on the beach wearing a two-piece bikini. Of course, he got caught hiding out not too long after that, spent about a week in ISS, and ultimately either got pulled out of the school or expelled – I never did find out which, just that he was gone, never to be heard of again after that. I also asked a couple of the freshmen why they decided to lie about him to the school administration, and their excuse was "Well, he was annoying and nobody liked him anyway."

Much of a sperg as the guy was, I did feel kind of bad that he basically got fucked over by a bunch of early adolescent teens running what basically amounted to a gayop on him, but I suppose it was just as much his fault for putting himself in that situation in the first place. At least his autism was pretty entertaining sometimes.


The company i work for is in the process of remodeling, and because of this, we have to put a bunch of our old files on cardboard boxes. After running out of boxes, i went upstairs to where the extra boxes were, grabbed a few and then went back to putting shit into boxes. The next day i go upstairs and overhear the receptionist (or, as her business card says, "front office coordinator" complaining to the president about my department is "stealing" all the boxes or some shit. The president, clearly not goving a shit about the boxes, made a joje about my department making a bitchin box fort. Because of this, the daft shit actually thought we were making a fort out of boxes. A few days later she came down stairs and took more than half the boxes that we had left. One of my cow9rkers didnt wanna put up with this shit so she went upstairs and wrote her name on all the empty boxes. This caused the receptionist to go apeshit and she threw a big ass pissy fit in the middle of the office


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I had a moment revisiting my old high school memories after telling that last one where I realized I quite possibly knew an entire family of autists who either worked at or attended the school as well and I'm not sure how I ever let it slip my mind over the years about how downright, bottom of the barrel garbage they were.

So, the mother of the family, first, worked finances for the school administration. The most egregious things that can be attributed to her are a mix of mothering in 3, varying degrees of autistic – or, at the very least, mentally ill – children, being an absolutely shitty mother to her kids and a wife overall (since, apparently, it came out after I graduated that she'd been having an affair behind her husband's back and promptly got her ass divorced when it got found out), and allowing her home to fall into a state of inexcusable squalor (the details of which I'll get into soon enough). That's, of course, aside from the fact that she was a two-faced, hypocritical bitch who only cozied up to other parents so she could get free favors, and if you weren't useful to her, you might as well have not existed.

The eldest brother of the family, I'll admit, I never knew too well, aside from the fact that he was apparently something of a troublemaker both in and out of school, and he emanated the vibe of potentially becoming either a serial killer or some kind of sex offender later in life. Lord, I sure hope that never came true. I don't know what happened to the guy after he graduated and his own family never really mentioned anything about him either after that point.

The youngest brother of the family, who was just a little bit younger than the middle child and attended the same exact years and class placements as him, was full on insufferable sped in that peculiar sort of way in which he wasn't completely low functioning, given that he could academically function in a classroom environment just fine, but he wasn't high functioning either, and he had a litany of physical disabilities on top of that, all qualities which he exercised to full benefit by way of being the whiniest, entitled cunt whenever anything remotely displeased him and demanded not only people's tolerance for him because of his state, but outright approval as well. Dude always carried a full on, electrical fan with him to every class and was accommodated to have it plugged into the room's nearest wall outlet to wherever he was seated and running full blast on him for the full duration of every class period which, aside from his already whiny conduct, was quite disruptive. But of course he could get away with all of it, being the child of someone who worked in the school's administration. I still recall the absolute most unpleasant moment of dealing with his autism personally was when I had the unfortunate displeasure of using the restroom at the same time as him, he waddled his fat ass into the handicapped stall (not like he used any form of assisted movement whatsoever), then tried to strike up a conversation with me and demand that I remain with him in the bathroom to keep him company while he proceeded to carry out the loudest, foulest smelling monster shit I'd ever known at that point in time. Naturally, I did what any sane person would do and bailed the fuck out of there. And then I received some complaints later that I upset him by doing so. To which I politely told the ones notifying me of the grievance that they could go fuck themselves while offering the reason that the retard wanted me to miss class so I could stay in the restroom with him and be a pooper pal while he committed an unholy violation of that toilet. People got off my case pretty quick once I explained that much.

I saved the middle child for last specifically because I was, in a way, friends (?) with the guy, probably insofar as to keep some semblance of peace, and because he was the only member who was just barely tolerable, but not really. The guy looked and sounded every bit like a total autist, complete not only with a lisp, but a rather down syndrome-like, slurring cadence to his voice whenever he spoke, but aside from some completely oblivious social awkwardness he exemplified most of the time, his biggest mental deficiency didn't seem to come from anything like autism or retardation or anything of the sort – more that he was just an idiot. And an edgy idiot at that. The kind that very well would've probably dressed in a trenchcoat, fedora, or some variation of black leather if we didn't have a dress code to adhere to, started adopting an unironic, "Hitler was right" and "national socialism could work" mentality after doing some bare bones historical research of his own (although I wouldn't call him a "Nazi" since he never seemed to take to stances of white supremacy or antisemitism – kind of a weird mix of the guy having both incredibly left-leaning values while agreeing with what Hitler tried to accomplish at the same time) – to which he showed his support by proceeding to draw swastikas on every single fucking thing he could get his hands on, much like any edgy teenager – he took to listening to death metal at ear bleeding volumes and tried to push it onto as many people as he could, and, when dabbling in any creative nerdshit endeavor like D&D, he would always try to portray himself as what basically amounted to Drizzt but grimderp and "evil". I'll touch down a little bit on this next note near the end, but one would think most of this edginess could be chalked up to just teenage autism, but, no, the dude definitely had some serious mental illness going on, and one of the things that keyed me into it and never sat right with me was the fact that he was concerningly obsessed with knowing where every single person who associated with him lived, how to get in and out of their house, what the details were in their bedrooms, and he regularly made veiled threats to stalk and break into the homes of others as a weird sort of "haha, funny" joke. Turned out, in the long run, all of his edgy shit wasn't exactly just teenage shit. Maybe.

In my attempts at the time to maintain some manner of amicable relation to this person, I made the horrible mistake of taking him up on an offer to hang out at his house once. Nice, little, middle-class looking suburban home from the outside. Two things hit me with a near sensory overload the moment I stepped inside, however: The first was that almost every single square inch of their house was just absolutely cluttered in junk (think sort of like those pictures and videos of the interior of Chris-chan's old house) and loose clothing, and not just junk either as I came to discover moving further into the home, but plates upon plates of old, half-eaten, rotting food absolutely covered their kitchen, their kitchen sink, their dining room, their trash, just about everywhere there was to place something that wasn't already filled with random furniture and miscellany that was going unused and gathering dust. The second, as a direct result of the first I'd imagine, was the utterly putrid fucking stench that permeated the entire house, which had me gagging the further we moved in, partially caused by all the food left everywhere, partially – as I came to discover – caused by all the cats they had running around the house, pissing and shitting into every nook and cranny they could get into, and the rest caused by God knows what the fuck else. If I'd have had my own ride to the house, I would've bailed right on the fucking spot, but, unfortunately, I was left at the mercy of fulfilling my "friend obligations" to this person, so I hoped to Christ that, somehow, things might possibly be mitigated somewhat once we got to his room. It got worse. I came to discover that this person resided in a room that had absolutely no carpet, but a concrete floor (only room in the house that was like this from what I'd noticed), his bedding consisted of 4 mattresses stacked on top of each other with the bottom 3 all being broken and no bed frame, he kept clothes and trash strewed all over the floor of his room, his desktop PC sat atop a knee-high chest of drawers near his bed which he accessed by way of seating himself in a plastic lawn chair, setting the keyboard in his lap, and running his mouse (with accompanying mousepad, for all the fucking good it was worth) across the arm of the chair (he would play CSS, WoW, and Halo like this, and I had absolutely no idea how), and he had his own personal, completely unsoundproofed bathroom adjacent to his bed as well, which he promptly decided to hole himself up in and take a massive, half-hour shit within as soon as he showed me into his room. (I just can't escape from being someone's pooper pal, I guess.) Once he got out, he decided he wanted to pass the time by watching episodes of Family Guy and Scrubs on Hulu, then by showing me himself playing WoW. I don't remember when or how I convinced him that I needed to go home, since he seemed insistent on keeping me there for as long as he possibly could, but I somehow managed to get out of there and get home at some point. Never, ever took him up on another offer to hang out at his house since then.

Last time I saw that guy was several years ago, when I was in college, as we both ran into each other at a funeral. He seemed a hell of a lot slower than he used to be, and had this really weird feeling of derangement from him. He then promptly explained that he had been forced into a mental ward by his family for two weeks after having a violent mental breakdown and then attempting to commit suicide, and that he was currently on some kind of depressant medication to keep his mood in check so that he wouldn't suffer a relapse. Once again, like in the old days, he tried to pressure me into letting him come around my place. I promptly cut all contact and avoided him after that.

Significantly longer than the previous story, but there was a lot to go over with this case. Looking back on it, my schooling sure was fucked up in a lot of ways. I hope someone gets a kick out of these horror stories at least.

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I have a few. Back in high school I shared a communications class with some odd looking black sped. He was pretty short and petite but he had the absolute smallest skull I’ve ever seen on someone. That contrasted with how he dressed (typical poor inner city kid trying to look gangster) made him a bit of a physical laughingstock to me.
Anyways he sounded like a muppet and he was a total weeb. His goal in life? Become an “Anime Voice Actor and live in Japan”, except he sounded like downie fozzie bear. He used to tell people he can do the voices of Shadow the hedgehog and Pikachu (lolno).
Being part Asian I got a lot of unwanted attention from him. He’d always sit next to me in a too close for comfort kind of way, and because I used to read manga on my phone in that class, every time I pulled out my phone he would crane his neck over to watch my screen regardless of what I was doing. Sometimes, I’d make up anime and ask him if he’s seen it and, of course he did, cos he’s seen all the anime.

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Oh my god, boys. Strap in for this one.

To start things off, I decided "Fuck my future" and went to a liberal arts college here in north California; so you know this shit is going to be filled to burst with tisms. I have a handful of stories, but today i will tell the story of a manchild that I will refer to as "Jimmy"

So, at this school it is notable to point out that every class is 3 hours long, so downtimes between classes unless you have consecutive classes will consist of 3 hour blocks. Because of this, students were know to practically live in the lounge. People would bring various things from home ranging from books, board games, portable TVs, laptops, and whatever else. There was one main TV in the lounge that was usually taken on a first-come-first-serve basis. For a long while we would watch movies on there until one day, Jimmy comes along and brings his Wii U. You would think "Oh, a Wii U, there's a decent amount of party games that Nintendo puts out, cool guy." Nope. Instead, Jimmy proceeds to play Smash Brothers solo for about a month, refusing to bring controllers for anybody to play with him or anything, being a bunch of adults we collectively said "Whatever" and just let him be him.
However, some of the freshmen were not very adult. Some of them being 17-19 year olds that were basically just kids so they did the whole "It's not fair" shtick and Jimmy eventually caved and would bring some controllers from then on. I'm not big on Nintendo, but I do know that there are these autistic little things called Amiibos which are basically little character figurines that have some kind of chip in them that connect to the Wii U, well instead of being a normal adult because Jimmy was clearly 25 or older, he decided to go the other way and would bring at first two backpacks to school.
The first was his academic backpack, full of his required college stuff, the second, I shit you not, was filled to the brim with Amiibos that he would set out on one of the only five tables in the lounge. It looked like someone just left a collection of toys on a table and if anybody so much as touched the table he would get passive aggressive, get up and try and usher you away. This of course caused the more reactionary students to fuck with him. So occasionally they would distract him and then steal handfuls of these little toys and spread them throughout the school, which was a glorified office-building, which would leave Jimmy running around the entire school in near-tears playing a cruel scavenger hunt for various Bowsers and Mayrios.
Not wanting to be toxic, if I came across one, I'd pocket it and give it to Jimmy when I saw him next, which was practically any time I went to the lounge.

This however was small potatoes compared to how shit went down hill.

One day Jimmy plays Smash Bros with another guy whom I will call "Chris". Chris is a hardworking guy, when he's not at school, he's at work, when he's not at work, he's volunteering at a shelter, and in his little bits of spare time he enjoys playing fighting games. He is absolutely not the kind of guy to try and hurt anyone. He decides "Okay, I'll play with Jimmy, he seems lonely and is way better than most people that play with him, maybe he wants a challenge". Suffice it to say Chris destroyed Jimmy and was a proper sportsman about it, but that didn't matter; Jimmy was holding back tears and was pink in the face. I guess Chris just didn't know what pure murder looked like on someone's face, but when he got up to go to class, he offered to shake Jimmy's hand. Jimmy instead pulled his hood over his head and started crying and yelling about how Chris needed to stay until he could beat him. Chris, being the adult, tried to calm him down; which caused Jimmy to get even more angry because Chris was "Treating him like a baby".
This ended up catching the attention of the dean and he pulled Jimmy to his office and told him "Okay, you cannot use the TV anymore if you cannot be an adult." And you would think this would be the end of it.


Jimmy, not one to be defeated, decided that if he couldn't have the main TV, he'd find another way.
So one day, I get to school early, I was exhausted and barely functional due to it being 7:30AM, and having an 8:00AM class. I see Jimmy hauling in a huge flat screen with one other autist whom we will call "Toby". I didn't put it together as I opened the door for them, but as soon as I walked into the lounge after getting a drink, I saw them playing Smash Bros on this thing, taking another table to set it up, on top of the other one full of children's toys.
At this point, the dean just said "Fuck it" and let him be. However things with Jimmy got weirder once the next year started. Jimmy started pushing the boundaries of what he could do and made friends with a bunch of autistic new freshmen.
Everything came to a head halfway through the new year when someone bumped the Amiibo table and Jimmy tried to start a fight for them knocking a bunch of the toys off of it. This again caught the attention of the dean who said "For fuck sake, stop bringing toys to school".
So inevitably it turned into 3-4 guys sitting at a corner table playing smash bros or watching anime. As it turns out they were skipping classes and barely passing enough to not get kicked out. The worst part is they would not shower for weeks on end, and we found out about this when one girl wanted to get water from the water cooler which was near their table. She suddenly threw up and told a friend of mine to see if there was a smell over there or if she was having a stroke. As it turned out, these dudes were letting off a scent of cultivated chunk-funk that smelled of dick, cheese, and copious amounts of sweat.

But the final thing that got Jimmy taken out of the picture. i will never fucking forget, is the day I walked over to the lounge and a crowd was formed. Before I could get through the crowd I heard the high-pitched squealy whines of Japanese girls and I thought "Oh my god, he's watching porn." which I was partially correct about, because as I made my way through the crowd, I got to see this autistic motherfucker with pants literally around his knees, jerking his stubby cock to some hentai of a pink haired girl getting gangbanged.
I didn't know what to do so I just laughed in astonishment. He sat there, pleasuring himself while others recorded with their phones, other laughed, others were yelling at him; but he just didn't stop going. This felt like an eternity of awkwardness but it was only a few second before the dean showed up.
At this point he pushed through the small crowd and shouted "JIMMY" and started getting closer. At this point, Jimmy finally jumped to attention. And as the dean got closer, Jimmy ran and tried to parkour or some shit off of the back of the lounge's couch while his pants were half-down with his dick out.
Of course, he was not the agile ninja he thought he was because this dude was like 5'9 and had to weight at least 230lbs. His full weight was enough to break the back of the ratty-ass couch that the school had been using for years. His feet slammed down to the ground, he slipped, and smashed his head against one of the tables and must have been concussed or something because he instantly started shrieking.

I didn't even know what the fuck to feel because while I wrote it out with detail, this whole exchange between him and the dean happened in a matter of seconds. So to bulletpoint this for the sake of understanding the speed.
-Jimmy is jacking off
-Dean pushes through the crowd
-He takes maybe 3 steps
-Jimmy bursts from his seat, does a big leap to the back of the couch
-Breaks couch, smashes face into table
-Jimmy is pulled up and escorted out by campus sec.

Jimmy was obviously expelled after this and his little group was put on academic therapy or whatever it's called for months.
Jimmy, there are plenty of autists on KF, if you are one of them, what the fuck???

Crazy nintendo kid escalates his craziness until he jacks off in front of everyone, gets a concussion, then gets expelled.