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So I'm trying to purge my closets and I won this t-shirt bc I can eat weapons grade spicy food but the only size they had it in was for fatties. Instead of throw it out I decided to convert it into some kinda of crop top monstrosity. It looks like I didn't get enough attention at home when I wear it, so I'm only gonna use it at the beach and gym.

Let's bedazzle stupid shit together or something.
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im convinced my only purpose in life is to make mediocre crafts so thank you for this thread!!
Here's a little cactus garden I made as a Christmas present, I ended up adding some Spanish moss around the edge but I didn't take a picture of it!
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I think this is cute af for a couple reasons:
1. succulents are the only plants I can keep alive because they thrive on neglect
2. it would make a really cute and functional pin cushion for sewing, which I do sometimes.

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I do all kinds of autistic crafts. Many are too autistic to actually mention here, so I'll go with one of my less autistic (but still really fucking autistic) creations.

I did this for Halloween to celebrate Glenn's death in the the walking dead tv show and also to mourn the passing of Lucille in the comics. I got really into it, like mixed up some fake blood and put in tiny bits of dark fake hair and clumps of skull matter mixed in with the blood and shit. It was fun but I shouldn't have used real fake blood (cornstarch + food dye) because it dried way too light and forced me to go in with some other shit and thus the blood colour is too red or too pink in places. Also I know the baseball is dog shit, I did a half assed wood stain with wet and dry pastels and it's shaped like something Chris would draw in his comics. I started making actual barbed wire to wrap around (as in took some 24ga wire and then cut tiny pieces of 26 ga wire and wrapped them around like pieces of real barbed wire) but it was taking too long and the laziness kicked in. I hate how the blood has dried up and crumbled but I learned from it and next time I do something edgelordy I'll use soft pastels and deco gel for blood.

Finally I got to use my 5 years of morgue work for something fun! The brain colour bugs me because fresh brain is very pink but since the blood is coagulated it should be a lot more grey but it didn't look right when I mixed in more so I settled for a pink-translucent-grey mix. I should have shaded the skull a bit but laziness. I mixed in some grey with the white so it's not pure white or anything, close enough.

That's my crafting motto. Eh, close enough.

Behold my edgetism. I never actually expected to share this.


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Sounds like fun! Teach us!
Sure thing. I'd suggest a good 2 yards or so cut of yarn though because I'm shit at guestimating lengths for this I usually keep the entire skein at my side and cut it off when I'm content with the length. If you want your finished product to look even cooler, get multicolored yarn.

Anyway, on to the actual how to. To start, hook two-three inches of the beginning behind your thumb and press it tight for now against your palm. The rest wind over your index finger, then around behind your middle and continue that pattern till you hit your little finger. Continue the process so that when you hit your index finger again and repeat until there's two "rings" of yarn around each of your fingers. This next part is a bit tricky depending on how thinck your fingers are. Gently pull the bottom most ring of yarn away from your finger and pull it over until the ring is on the back of your hand against your knuckles, then wind your yarn again so that the top rings replace the bottoms, repeat bottom ring pulling.

By the third or so round you should start noticing that a braided chain of yarn is forming on your knuckles, by this time you're free to release the bit of yarn you tucked under your thumb in the beginning. Youre going to want to use this piece to tug on between ring pulling to keep the chain on the back of your hand tight.

When you're content with the length of the chain you've made, snip it off from tge skien if you haven't already. Make sure theres only one row of rings on your fingers and very carefully slide Them off. Use the piece of unbraided yarn to thread through the loops your fingers have left and tie it off tightly. And with that you're done.

If Ive explained something badly I'm willing to take pictures of steps.

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I've hoped to shit this thread up with two fold, I build guns for a hobby and I'm pretty damn good at wood working.

I built all 3 of the rifles.. oh and that table? I did that in my early teens.

I need to know how this was pulled off!
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I like to make beaded jewelry (earrings, necklaces, bracelets). I actually made a living selling them in undergrad.

Semi-related, does anybody else bookmark DIY instructions for super cute projects and then forget all about them for like a year, stumble on the webpage again, then forget all over again? (Potential answer: I am dumb)


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I need to know how this was pulled off!
Building AR's is a fools game, we have a fire arm thread or welcome to PM me. As for the table, it's pretty simple to lay out what you want, I have a habit of over doing things so the bolts are set for 800 lbs. Since it's in my work room, I often stand on it to reach shelves or replace the over head lights.

If wood working counts as a craft, next time I visit my mother, I'll get a picture of the clock I did that with out seeing the bottom you can't tell didn't come from a shop.

I like making pointy sticks, stone tools, and arrows made with aluminum from soda cans and duct tape fletching.

Metal detectors can't detect a stone knife.
knapping is fun as fuck and as a big camping geek I've got pretty decent. The sharpest knives in the world used for open heart surgery are obsidian. I have a little one I bought from mexico that broke and I tried to re shape to no avail, it's truely a master craftsman's skill.

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I would love to hear all about knapping. I love all that kinda useless(to me)-but-cool-to-know stuff like making a rope out of grass/bark and shit like that.
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