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I am founding a new religion called Hetheldom, another Abrahamic religion which is roughly as close to all three as Islam was to Christianity at its founding... ...I have a comprehensive but not yet complete theory of the world and religion which is enough to be a new religion in itself and I am happy to answer any questions about it, or how I reached it.

To give a basic idea of Hetheldom: people have a continuation of their consciousness in their descendants and their consciousness is a continuation of their ancestor's consciousness, there is no strong salvation in the Christian sense but rather a continual improvement of the world for future generations, we have a body of myths that we make reference to without claim that they are historical, God is divided into a Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit but those divisions are not the same as the ones in Christianity and the son refers to all humans rather than just Jesus; and religious practice most like Catholicism with the addition of some new sacraments is mandated.
-Eric "Dhul Qarnayn II" Borsheim aka @autisticdragonkin


The Grand Messiah of Autism Himself​

Part One: The Rise and Fall of the Dragonkin

For the uninitiated, Dhul Qarnayn II was perhaps the most autistic person to ever use this website. Dhul's presence in the Deep Thoughts category of the forum is still felt to this day. Starting threads on the ethics of arranged marriages, historical materialism, and perhaps the worst OP ever for psychforums. The autistic one would even go as far as arguing that it was ethical for parents to abuse babies because they are not citizens.

Here are a few more quotes as a refresher on the autism that was ADK:

I really see no appeal in casual sex. I only want to have children and that's it. I do not think that losing my virginity through casual sex in Canada will do anything for that in a year after 1965. Since supposedly losing one's virginity doesn't increase one's status whatsoever I will not be able to use it to bargain for obtaining a long term relationship where I can have children and I have the fear of stds so I think I am just going to attempt to jump straight to children

I think that autism was severely overdiagnosed in the late 20th and early 21st centuries

Genital piercings are not as bad as some think they are because they are actually the least likely piercings to be infected



By all accounts, Dhul was perhaps the worst poster to ever register for Kiwi Farms, and that is saying a lot because most of you are absolute garbage. He would make trash threads in Deep Thoughts, uploaded so many files to the former media feature on the site that @Null had to remove it and if he was banned from a thread he would use the report feature to report each post and argue the post based on the philosophical merit of the post.

Part Two: Life with Eric

This section includes anecdotes from former friends of Eric's; hence, there is a lack of sources to back up these stories.
While Dhul was reviled as a user, there was a handful of Kiwi Farms users who developed positive feelings about him and maintained contact with him, even after his ban. While dealing with @autisticdragonkin on a daily basis would be grating for even the most patient person, speaking with him gave them the opportunity to understand his life and why he is the way he is a bit better. Essentially, Eric's childhood and young adulthood included being forced into special ed and having to deal with an overprotective mother.

Below are anecdotes from former friends

Eric's childhood
Everything was fine in ADK’s life until dreaded middle school, this is when ADK’s social ostracization began. He claim that the administrators of the school “accidentally” put him into the special education program. While ADK was in special education classes, he claimed that one of the sped teachers abused him by locking him in a closet. The reason why she locked him in the closet was because ADK felt the urge to correct her on petty details while she taught the sped kids. He has claimed that the urge to correct the teacher over his own physical safety was more important in his mind. The teacher told him that he was a lesbian, so now he associates lesbianism with abuse.

He has had struggles with his mother abusing him. She has always helicopter-parented him, so he was not able to deal with the real world.

Life after ban

Being banned has taken a signficant impact on the life of Dhul. As you can see from the photos below, the progression from 2015 to 2017 has had a negative impact on the health and wekkness f Dhul.


After ADK was banned from Kiwi Farms, he felt a void in his life. Nothing had meaning anymore. Besides unsucessfully trying to achieve that reproductive success, he felt that the Deep Thought forums were the only place where he could discuss about the ethics of autistic scenarios. He tried becoming a member of SlutHate to discuss philosophy, but he felt that it made him too depressed.

Then, he found out about /r/ChangeMyView:


Then, he would discuss about how homosexuality is a "choice" and that it is "unethical" to be one.



He was also obsessed with high intelligence being "dysgenic":



He would occasionally wonder into /r/DebateFascism, where he would post is X = Aryan racialism threads:


I was once suspected of having psychosis but I willingly went to a psychiatrist was found to be negative for the symptoms of it. I have also been suspected of having autism and PTSD which there is more evidence for.
-Dhul Qarnayn II

Part Three: Messiah Dhul Qarnayn II

Over the course of 2017, the transition from Eric Borsheim, autistic economics major at the University of British Columbia began, and Eric shortly thereafter became the Messiah, Dhul Qarnayn, leader of the faith of Sedevacantism. Dhul has now determined himself to be the Messiah. As the Catholic Church hasn't a valid Pope since 1958 according to a brand of schismatic Catholics known as the "Sedevacantists". Dhul hopes that these Catholic ultra-conservatives would start worshiping him as the new Pope and Messiah, but his plan didn't go as well:



In Christian apologetics there is the idea of Christ being Messiah or Madman or liar. Although it is problematic applying it to Christianity due to source criticism, I think it applies to me. Based on my understanding of psychosis people are generally unable to create very complex systems and models because of thought disorder. If that is true then the complexity of Liber Logos would be evidence against the madman theory even if it is wrong. I think the real question is whether I am being honest or not. Which can be judged by the truth of the scripture, specifically the Liber Logos, as well as my conduct as a prophet.
I can provide proof for the truth of the Liber Logos but not the Liber Mythos. However since the Liber Logos is the important text that is acceptable. Much of the insights of the Liber Logos are not empirical insights but rather rational insights so it can only be analyzed logically rather than scientifically but analysis is still possible.
If I am not insane as demonstrated by a lack of thought disorder and act in good conduct and there are no clear problems with the Liber Logos then that would provide evidence in favor of my prophethood.

He has also been preaching and arguing and what-have-you in group discussions.

Dhul has also begun hitting the big time and was actually a part of the Aurini show recently.

Social Media
There is a fire sale here. Dhul is aware this thread is coming and is trying to DFE. Scrape these links while you can. Never know what will be lost next.
https://www.reddit.com/r/hethel/ (private)
https://www.reddit.com/r/hetheldom/ (http://archive.md/0DBys)
https://dhul-qarnayn-ii.tumblr.com/ (http://archive.md/eccHt)
https://hetheldom.wordpress.com/ (http://archive.md/LKEXX)
https://www.reddit.com/user/Dhul-Qarnayn-II (http://archive.md/H1dNa)
https://curiouscat.me/DhulQarnayn (http://archive.md/meLIF)
https://twitter.com/realdhulqarnayn?lang=en (http://archive.md/Dd4X7)
http://hetheldom.blogspot.com/ (http://archive.md/zNmRG)
http://www.dhul-qarnayn.com/ (dead) https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:biggrin:irPTcYFfssJ:https://twitter.com/fuxithe2nd?lang=en+&cd=2&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

Credit to @Ride, @CasualSeppuku, @emspex, mana-chan and a few other people who want to be nameless but were pivotal in this finally happening. Thank you for making this happen.
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ADK is how I envision every kiwifarms pseudo-intellectual reactionary poster. Being contrarian enough in a liberal society to sponge off all reactionary philosophies to be some deity or leader, while throwing paragraphs of nescient-nausea that tries to befuddle people as a means of intellectual overload.

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