Sonichu Autistimon GT - A fan comic based on the Sonichu universe


I made a thread for this, but I got cold feet and deleted it. I'll leave the comic here and if people like it, I'll make a thread for it. It's a Sonichu/Dragonball GT/whatever I feel like putting in there crossover comic thing that I've been working on for awhile.

I'll bring out a page every week or so depending on my schedule. This project is mainly more for me than anybody else, but if you like it then cool. If not, feel free to pile on the dumb and autistic ratings.



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The Reaper

Dreaming of Candy Corn
True & Honest Fan
I need to see more character development and motivation before I give an honest review. Did you just snip Trunk's face for each panel though?

Super Colon Blow

Does she have big thingies?
Fuck yeah. Bring it, man. You even made the mall all bent up and non-Euclidean. You made a Trans-emon that tells Chris-esque terrible jokes. Life's been kind of a bitch and some twisted humor really hits the spot right about now.

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