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After this past week of jogger mayhem, many Kiwis discussed needing to step back from it all and evaluate their next steps. We're all a bit spergy, however, and disconnecting from the internet isn't very likely, so instead, let's discuss generalized planning for living, self improvement, and lowering general costs. Offgrid welcome, but not required as we're not all that based.

Depending on your goals and how serious you are, I suggest checking daily for land in your desired area. There's an aging population now dying off and leaving their children with chunks of land all over the place, and they've got nothing to do with it. Often times, you'll find the land is zoned as unrestricted, depending on the state, which is what you want to look for. It gives you the most wiggle room and freedom. If you check every day, you'll start to find listings more suited to what you want. In my experience, some of the plots were up for literal years, dropping steadily until someone snatched them up at a great price. Any basic site that lists land will do, but make sure you check them all because sometimes, people are lazy and only list on the one they know.

I'll try to be attentive and add relevant things to the OP, but as stated I'm probably not the best organizer for this kind of thing, though I doubt anyone else will do it.
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Something I've been looking into (less in the past couple of months due to the virus and shipping times in general) is the ease of getting solar paneling. I've found a bunch of conflicting answers on how to go about it, and I'm curious if anyone's actually done it and could give their insight. I know that many sellers tout that their brand will pay for themselves within 3 years at this point, which sounds worth it, and I'm definitely in a sunny enough location for it, but anyone else's 2 cents would be nice. Already have a well and septic as it stands, last puzzle piece I'm looking to finish out is just the solar.

Now* is a bad time to purchase home gym equipment. Demand surged during quarantine and prices continue to be double (if not more) at the present moment. There will eventually be a lot of sales of unused/lightly used equipment into the used market but that ain't today.

As of last summer I was finding iron plates at $0.50/lb. Educated guess says that prices will come back to that, especially if large numbers of people don't follow through with their quarantine resolutions.

* June 2020
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Thank fucking god its all coming to the light.
Anyone else here waiting for inheritance to fund their down payment? as far as property goes here, if you're anywhere near civilization you'll need to sell your soul to own some.
Still I'm hoping that whatever money i'm left can fund a small secluded place with some land, if I just get some room mates who can help with costs
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