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Given that Autphag has a long history of being batshit insane, I figure that he should eventually get an article. That's why I'm posting this thread: To collect useful links about his craziness so we don't have to hunt around in his thread so much.
If something interesting comes up (such as him admitting that he likes big black dicks), post a link to that post or screen cap here, so it isn't buried beneath 60 pages of shitposts.
For example:
Autphag admitting that he only showers about once a month:’israeli-lol-he-showers-once-a-month.3728/page-195#post-1363528

Autphag attempting to defend this by claiming that skin naturally cleans itself:’israeli-lol-he-showers-once-a-month.3728/page-195#post-1363542

And that showers are part of a hygiene products industry conspiracy:’israeli-lol-he-showers-once-a-month.3728/page-195#post-1363552

And that his dental hygiene consists of swigging mouthwash:’israeli-lol-he-showers-once-a-month.3728/page-195#post-1363556

See, like that. If he posts anything more insane and autistic than normal, make sure it gets linked to in here.

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Autphag had reported this thread lol:

Report Reason said:
@Null, a lolcow as contrived as I am, by a mixture of other's personal army motivated revenge-fantasies and my own self-exaggeration, admittedly, would only be made unbearably redundant by coverage. Remember your disdain for me, and your October 2013 pledge. (A ban of me and all my acquaintances for attention-seeking wouldn't go amiss.) :) Cheers.

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I don't follow him, but if I end up writing the article anyway, this stuff will be extremely useful.


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As I said elsewhere, I plan to get started on the Autphag article over the weekend. These are quite helpful. Thanks. I also did all the other splinter threads (Minichan, Aspergia, David Chac) and have interacted with Aut on Skype and on PULL's Chatango chat enough to understand what this is all about and I'm a regular in his actual thread. Aut himself has even told me stuff like about NekoArc that I had @Alan Pardew post for me.
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