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*knocks on the door* its me Goku
That bra must be custom because one boob is an entirely different cup size than the other.

But if Anne is a butcher shouldn't she at least wear gloves?... what 'meat' does she even butcher if she's a cow?

Lemon made a meme that basically summarizes 90% of artcows like Puppychan.
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The cow butcher surprisingly got drawn more than once and has a name. For someone who uses melee weapons she's very lucky to not get that much blood on her apron.
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And a horse(?) girl named Carrot who's actually rather skinny compared to the rest of her OCs, at least in the first pic.
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your comic is gold


Mr. Virginity
Further shite.


Why is she so tall?


On air since 1976
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Oh no.
Screenshot 2021-06-08 at 22-37-05 gmilf patrol🔞 on Twitter.png

My eyes! :cryblood:
I think this is the first time Autumn has posted anything like this, and considering how unflattering her usual selfies are, the face censorship does not surprise me. I also have a feeling that since these images seemed to attract a decent amount of positive attention as well, it (unfortunately) will not be the last we see of her rolls.

Edit: Yep.
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Unhindered Clown

*knocks on the door* its me Goku
I've got a sinking feeling that she'll end up making an onlyfans to guntpost on down the line... I somehow wasn't expecting this to happen for Puppychan. Like dirty drawings yeah i knew this was coming but to post pics of herself?
(I shouldnt actually be surprised given the sheer amount of artists on twitter that somehow open up an onlyfans or a subscribestar 'on the side')

Unhindered Clown

*knocks on the door* its me Goku
Posting nudes to get the kind of online validation your art can't net you anymore, I mean her follower account on fluffqween is shooting up with every passing day. We are past the typical coomsoomerism... Puppychan has reached advanced coomer levels. What a night, this thread has put a bullet between my eyes multiple times in a row. I need brain bleach
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