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Just posted on her main. Ya know? The wholesome uwu one with the kids?
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This bothers me a lot

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I've learned from his account that Jaiden Animation porn is its own genre
Drawing NSFW of Melody should be considered a hate crime.
How the hell do you get turned on by this?

Adding big milky titties doesn't excuse the fact the source is so child-like and innocent. You barbarian.


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What an eventful couple of days its been for the art community! Sexual extortionist inkplasm trooned out, and puppychan posted their ashy breasts! Whats next? Who knows! What a wild ride and I’ll be here to share info when I can.
I thought I wanted the Autumn thread to be more active, but I have learned my lesson and now I want off Mr. Bones Wild Ride

Well she privated her NSFW twitter

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Ok I get feeling like shit but BEGGING for kind messages is weird to me. Almost reminds me of Succulentbud (jay) .
Is she going to try and say her having her posted her saggy dry breasts are the result of days of without (presumably) antidepressants? I feel like in some part Autumn read the fact that her bare tits are now forever achieved on the internet and at anytime someone could inform her mother about not only her NSFW but her posting lewds of her actual body.

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Puppy hasn't been taking her meds, what a surprise. I forget if she has bipolar disorder or just depression but a manic episode explains the risky behavior.

Not that locking down is going to help considering this thread archived it. Plus she used emoji stickers to censor her face, which I've heard is a bad idea because it's easy to remove them (something about the way twitter makes the pictures). Once nudes are up, there's no way to erase them. Internet 101 Puppy you absolute potatohead.


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I understand not having your meds and it can make you really messed up.
I understand posting stupid and suicidal things online during it. I was 12-15 when I did that.
yes TECHNICALLY you could be seeking help, but at the same time I don’t think you should be seeking help from random people on Twitter if you’ve got those kinds of thoughts. Most people on Twitter are not therapists.
its better to privately talk to your friends, or to a suicide hot line or something.

It would be fine to say something like “I’m sad right now.” “I don’t have my meds and I’m spiraling” but, even if it is lowkey and vague, making Threats like that is a little....
I think by 18 you’d maybe know better?

But I guess having such a large following, she knows she can do it and people will care. So she did get what she wanted out of it.

but then there’s a little bit of tea.

In the replies to the original Tweet, everyone is roasting the dude.
While I don’t think it’s the MOST selfish thing, I don’t think it’s a good idea to expect mostly strangers who aren’t certified to take care of you like that.

shes not selfish for struggling with mental health, but there are better options than posting that “you can’t do it anymore” on social media.

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