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My ass

Not to powelevel but damn I wish I had the amount of "support" she had in her time of need.

Like just the amount is people alone. I'm glad at least to have changed and fixed myself on my own, grown as a person who wasn't coddled by the internet-- but... if enough people raise concerns, why NOT listen?

Like even slightly. There's a number of pedestals one can take before its sad like this is.

The fact she's posted her tits for example, jesus christ.
Any artist of all kinds would want a fan base such as hers. But do know that not all those people are genuine.
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Wish she'd elaborate on these, test subject certainly has background potential.

I would probably make her less chubby (I doubt mad scientists would keep their failed experiments well fed) alongside tattered clothes and a more haggard appearance. Make shit a little darker for once instead of the tired same "cutesy uwu" theme.


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I was kind of expecting for her to post nudes. Wasn't really looking forward to it, but you just know that she's going to do it for attention.

Just wasn't expecting it to be spontaneous.


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Typical behavior from a major narcissist nothing more, nothing less. She's just wanting more asspats (Even though she gets a shit ton from what this thread has shown me) and because twittertards are dumb Ashy Londa gonna get it. Also anybody that uses twitter while also having a dedicated private account to whine about shit are gay, it's like the twitter version of tumblr crytyping in terms of pathetic. :julay:


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i've got her address around somewhere but i have mixed feelings about posting it.

edit: said this in relation to the suicide thing. a police welfare check is enough to get suicide baiters to shut up for a while, but the process of calling and the hoops you have to go through to get them to do so is actually surprisingly stressful. decided it wasnt worth my time since everybody knows she's not going to do it anyway. she's done this probably dozens of times

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