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wow autumn what a great original character that definitely isn't solely designed to get your rocks off
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This thing is a cow???


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Done. Instead of making a cookie-cutter transbian, I made them a pangender pan-lesbian. This was in part because I wanted to represent all of Kiwifarms with a retarded glitch’s art piece.

behold, the unholy Antichrist piece I’ve birthed from a surrogate artcow.

Notice how it’s art style is an unholy sexual act between my normal artstyle and Puppy’s. Proves how inflexible my style is tbf

I’m so fucking sorry, fellas...

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I'm guessing it was in reference to this tweet which she QRTed yesterday, although I am surprised she hasn't made even vague tweets about the Chris-chan situation yet:
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(Puppychan? Bullied? Color me surprised!)

In other news, Autumn has unfortunately gone back on her word from when she said "no more tit pics." She did actually delete both of these tweets, but Twitter cache sees all... must have REALLY needed the attention.
That video is horrifying. And of course the progressives see absolutely nothing wrong with this and think it's "letting the children express themselves". Yeah, drawing pride flags and anime characters while dressed as a maid is definitely something children should be doing in school.

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I'm sure it does make you feel better when you picture yourself with the bodies of the characters you draw instead of acknowledging your pre-diabetic, disproportional, and dusty body.

Who is inspired by Puppy's regurgitated ideas, degradation of skill, and lame, uninspired characters?


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new fursona deleted already

edit: there were a couple of mildly negative comments which might be why?
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Mad because she can't bant
Has anyone else noticed that in the last 2 or 3 pieces she's done there's an improvement in quality? Not by a lot at all but at least the hands aren't freaky nubs anymore and she's not using weird line weights.
And she actually tried shading this time.
Who is inspired by Puppy's regurgitated ideas, degradation of skill, and lame, uninspired characters?
Some of us Farmers, even if only to one-up or make fun of her.

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The shading is lazy, but not unpleasant. I'm surprised to see the effort that's been put in compared to the dairy cow character.
If it's wank material of course she'll put in effort

Just look at the attention to shading the skin and the vacuum sealed bodysuit. It has that sweaty sheen going on that radiates THAT kind of energy. I get the feeling she's mimicking some nsfw artists style of coloring tho


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Opinion on the Delivery Cow:

Overall, I sorta like it. I do acknowledge the major flaws, however.

1. The snout resembles a cheapish, ovular beak, and not a cow's snout
2. The short skirt and lace bra, realistically, would get this bitch fired immediately, due to the realistic inevitability children will be exposed to stuff they shouldn't see at their age.
3. The skirt would get snagged to SHIT on stuff and constantly expose her either-bare-or-fabric-covered ass.
4. I acknowledge that I'm guilty of this one as well, but those feet wouldn't be able to support the body, let alone in a simple cylindrical form.
5. The hairstyle doesn't even FIT the character.

Here's a pro for a change.

1. The design's colors won't tase your eyes with mismatchery and inconsistencies.

Overall, 5/10, needs redesigning for practicality


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Even the lazy shading would look so much better if she studied color theory AT ALL. It would take literally minutes to change the gross, desaturated tones she uses for shading skin to warmer colors that look much less unsightly.

Plenty of mediocre artists are actually able to polish a turd and make up for subpar composition/anatomy/etc. with interesting colors and rendering, yet Autumn will likely never achieve even this because the values in her art are shitty and samey with almost impressive consistency. This has always confused me--is it her phone screen? Mindless color picking from a reference? Obviously she's lazy, but I refuse to believe she makes a character's entire palette consist of a single hue (two if we're lucky) and genuinely believes it's interesting or appealing to look at.

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