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That thigh, HOLYSHIT.


bloodthirsty fujoshi degenerate

Rat continues to gain weight specifically in the leg and breasts. Autumn you really can not draw a thin character more than once, huh?

=just screams=

I do be suffering Lmao

Unhindered Clown

are ya cowering in fear, son?
Roadkill is a raccoon that drinks MONSTER ENERGY, the ABSOLUTE MADWOMAN 😂😂😂

The design's not too bad, but I wish she'd put more effort into showing people the traits her OCs have rather than text posts with 1 or 2 random things to substitute for investing these likenesses into the visuals itself. When you make 20 OCs a week though, personality becomes a nonrequirement so it's too optimistic to expect.


The last thing you see before you die.

Princess Peaches

👻I’m going ghost!👻
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I think what a lot of people don’t realize when they hit their early 20’s that acting like an adult doesn’t mean sharing your porn ideas to everyone. Learning to keep it to yourself and maybe one or two close friends is actually being an adult. People 20-25 don’t realize that because they’re finally going out on their own and trying to find an identity.

I doubt Puppy is going to grow up. She’ll probably continue to be dumb and not realize talking about porn and fetish shit all the time is weird.


A former skulldog.
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Maannnn, even Pupzel’s art looks wonky and bad when trying to draw puppychan’s anatomically fucked characters. Those thighs looks so out of place with Pupzel’s style.

View attachment 2533063
I'm a bit behind on Autumn's love life, are they dating? Or are they friends? Or are they exes?

Just curious because so far Pupzel seems to be the closest thing that she has to a friend (though if they are in a relationship, their friendship is a given). I've seen Pupzel every once in a blue moon and can't be assed to keep tabs on her as well.


is this the cocksucker residence?
Maannnn, even Pupzel’s art looks wonky and bad when trying to draw puppychan’s anatomically fucked characters. Those thighs looks so out of place with Pupzel’s style.

View attachment 2533063
at least the line work is tolerable, she knows how to clip properly, and it looks cute. she clearly puts more effort into her art. i feel like the point is that she’s trying to draw anatomy as fucked up as puppychan’s but not going over the line. i saw her art and it looks fairly cute and acceptable. autumn, take notes from someone who is a year younger than you, and knows how to digital art.

tacky fatty peedo loser shmorky died so art like this can walk, basically.
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The Mj stan that likes redpills, weird? idk
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