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Berserker Armor

Good journey, struggler
Allow me to be a little more clear...
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The Fucking Size Of These Things
the only way autumn could spin this bull shit is if she tried to say that zombie dog's big arm isn't from her body and was attached cuz she had one arm.
Puppy’s newest sona, Belle, who strangely resembles the OC of an artist that she follows and has recently retweeted from (_Umitagari)
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ngl. it seems all of her moderate ability to have any creativity has gone out the window. her art ability along with creative drive is totally shot outside of "haha lesbeans!!! uwu" and copying other artists or current twitter trends. she tries to shit stuff out, throw it at the wall and hope it sticks. it never does. she is unable to keep up with any of her webcomics or the lost media ARG, which had interest from people.
she makes all of these characters but none are original or well thought out. it's all just dull. her panty and stocking furry stuff was more creative along with her tammy and magnea chara. the webcomic she does have w/ sadeath is very black rock shooter with some edgy soul eater shit to me.
any and all artists can and will get burnt out. it's not bad for her to take a break but she rather shit these out and have all the underage twitter followers she has eat them up.
you could easily see if she was following this person but the mothmom thing she's trying to emulate clearly was made popular by SLBcreations. if you look up mothwoman one of these is literally the 4th option and first few for mothmom. i highly doubt she is trying to do the monster girl encyc moth woman as that's some hella coomer shit. i could tell u that right off the bat she's totally seen slb's work
other then her shitty writing she has no creativity with names... ursa... really? her name is pretty much just BEAR.
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Mei cares for "his" GF? Okay, why does she go by both male and female pronouns? What purpose does it serve? Is Mei a girl or a femboy/trap? If the latter, "he" wouldn't be Anna's GF, but her BF by definition. She never makes this clear, for one, since she always flip-flops between pronouns and labels expecting us to catch up with it like how Belle went from a femboy to "feminine transboy" in less than a few tweets.

Anyway, back to Puppychan and her massive intellect:
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Remember when she was bragging about how she had "good ideas" a few pages back? Truly a pioneer of literature.
i would like to point out how her seal and orca character both look like the same species of weird blobs and could be passed off as one of the snake girls she draws. also that the names are just dull. the orca chara being ~nonbinary~ is woke points tho... tbh, female orcas can be easily used as "HELL YEAH! GIRL POWER! TOUGH GIRL ACTUALLY SOFT!" trope over her zombie dog.

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*knocks on the door* its me Goku


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Tammy and Magna are alive... I guess that's them. I honestly dig Tammy's new design- but i don't get why make such a sudden and radical change to a character you had already "built" and even had a little lore, like with her maned wolf family. This seems like it's going the RxW way, with demons and witches y'know.




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Those white pixels around the line art on Magna's hair are killing me.
This. The shitty antialiasing in her recent art seriously hurts to look at. It makes it feel like it was made in MSPaint.

Knowing now that she uses Ibis, there's no excuse for this.


The bucket tool does have an Expand Fill setting, she's just too lazy to learn the program.

Unhindered Clown

*knocks on the door* its me Goku
I give it 5 minutes before she goes back to the original Tammy design.

Magna has always been kinda boring and neglected compared to Tammy though, now her redesign also shows the neglect.


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Tammy and Magna were the only characters she had that kind of looked interesting or at least uniquely her own design work, and now they're just ripoffs of trendy anime bullshit. Magna is LITERALLY just Suzy?

Also call me autistic but when I used to follow Puppy, I liked that Tammy was cute and mortal and was fawned over by someone magical/mystical. It's just a trope I like and I felt she was doing some cute stuff with it and now they're both demons or witches or whatever so that appeal is gone. Just make your most popular characters nothing like they used to be and nuke their dynamic while you're at it.

Edits because I can't fucking spell.

Lapis Lazuli

Definitely from Steven Universe.
Speaking of old OCs, how come she hasn't brung back Sadeath or Suna yet? Both were also frequently drawn beside Tammy and Magna. There was also this male character she made awhile back:
All of her OCs used to be prominently pinned to the top of her page, but nowadays, they're nowhere to be seen.

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Puppy posted this art a few minutes ago but then deleted the tweet quickly. The caption said she drew it on her phone. I’ll give her credit where it’s due, I think that the clothing is cute although very simplistic. But I feel like the black shading and the black accents of the clothes make it a bit confusing to look at.


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Tammy and Magna are alive... I guess that's them. I honestly dig Tammy's new design- but i don't get why make such a sudden and radical change to a character you had already "built" and even had a little lore, like with her maned wolf family. This seems like it's going the RxW way, with demons and witches y'know.

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Seriously what is up with these cows and Salem? Literally Dollieguts calls herself Salem, Jodee lies about traveling to Salem while buying trash related to Salem and now Puppy is going to call their OC Salem. It’s a neverending trend with these sort of cows and trying so hard to be goth in some way.

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