Avast claiming archive.md is a phishing site -


I don't know how many currently use Avast but I got the feeling then Avast might lost some fans from what Styx and various Youtubers vlogged.


Archiving is one of the most important aspects of the human race. This censorship is absolutely disgusting and only serves to hinder humanity.
That's why both the internet archive and archive today "just happen" to be under attack at the same time. And always with some lame cover excuse about the site "violating" something or other. These censors want to blackout history, and cover their tracks at the same time.

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History can't truly be rewritten if pesky archive sites exist.
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So you're familiar with Rules for Radicals it's good to be informed


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Avast is fucking retarded, I've not uninstalled it completely, but it fucks up my PC whenever I enable it, just use Malwarebytes like the person above suggested.

Major PC Fuck Ups:
Doesnt let me open taskmgr.exe
Doesnt let me launch some games
Fucks up when PC boots (Where the login is a blue screen and it constantly refreshes back to login, so you practically can not login, you have to reboot pc 2-3 times)
BSOD's the pc on boot 10% of the time

That being said my PC is pretty outdated, I built it back in 2015.

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Where have all the cowdogs gone?
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Wasn't there a recent controversy over them datamining users and reselling that data? I remember when I used it and I put on my pegleg and eyepatch it should always popup scare messages "YOUR CONNECTION IS NOT SECURE ANYONE COULD SEE YOU COPY THAT FLOPPY BUY OUR VPN FOR COMPLETE CYBERSECURITY" which is itself more than a little sketchy.