Award Bait Songs, Unusual Soundtracks, and Movie Tie-Ins - I Believe I Can Fly, Wake Me Up Inside, Love Song For A Vampire, Kiss From A Rose, and many more of your favorite hits!

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This is an example only by some kind of weird default, but if you're wondering why you've never heard the "You've got me burnin'!" song from the Tech Noir scene in The Terminator, its because it was part of a larger album by Tahnee Cain that ended up never getting an official release until years later. As far as i can tell the songs weren't composed for the movie per se, but the early soundtrack releases ended up being the only place you could hear them for years.

The two songs from the album you can hear in the movie are Photoplay, which plays when Sarah asks the clerk if they have a phone and pays for her ticket:

And of course Burnin in the Third Degree, which plays over the scene where Sarah notices Reese and fades into Brad Fidel's Tech Noir score:

Here's the rest of the album, linked instead of embedded so it doesn't shit on the thread's loading time:

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I miss the days when Will Smith being in a movie meant you were going to get a ridiculous tie-in single. Those were fun.

"Mein Herz Brennt" and "Feuer Frei" were big at the time because of the XXX soundtrack but honestly I think the Mutter album could stand on its own, that just added to it.

The deliberately shitty Christmas version of Wet Wet Wet's "Love Is All Around" for Love Actually was released as a single at the time. Not sure how many people bought it but you still hear it occasionally now.
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Sorry for the thread necromancy but I was thinking of this topic early this morning and it got me thinking on some things.

When it comes to "Award Bait" singles, I'd say the first true example would be "Mrs. Robinson" from The Graduate in 1967 and the last true example would probably be "Let It Go" from Frozen in 2013.

The most successful example is probably a tossup between "My Heart Will Go On" and "All Star", the former due to sheer number of time at the top of the charts and the latter due to the fact it ended up becoming the iconic song not only for Mystery Men but also Shrek, Rat Race, Digimon: The Movie, and a bunch of other flicks from 1999-2002.

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