Awful food you love - Guilty pleasures galore

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Dr. Ricearoni

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Feb 8, 2019
So I've been thinking about it lately and there's a few things I've noticed that I absolutely will scarf down even though it tastes fucking awful. For example, frozen pizza, particularly totino's party pizzas, they taste like the world's saddest, most bitter sauce on a sheet of hot cardboard, but there's something about it that speaks to me. Or literally any sort of hot dog, I love chili dogs but the dog itself is consistently not great. Do you find yourself ever enjoying undeniably awful foods? What's your guilty pleasure?

SSF2T Old User

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Jan 2, 2020
There's plenty of plain-tasting vegetables that I'd rather do without but eat them anyways because they are good for you. Peas and Broccoli/Cauliflower especially come to mind.
I like drinking nesquick.
It tastes fucking awful but I drink it because of nostalgia
You never had YooHoo growing up? That shit's 2x better.

they're absolute cancer, literally made of nothing but sugar and artificial flavorings, but something about the gross uber-sweet taste makes me crave them
The other packages (the blue tropical one and the green one) have better tastes. Once I found that out I never went back to the red packages.

Slappy McGherkin

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Mar 28, 2019
Kimchi. Your basic rotten cabbage, but I love the spicy stuff and the probiotics make it quite healthy for you. Although nobody smells kimchi and goes YUMMY!!!

I've made some in the past, also regularly make my own sauerkraut about 10 liters at a time and can it. Kraut, like kimchi, can be very off-putting to some folks. but as the old saying goes, once you get past the smell, you got it licked!

Fan of sardines, too, but not anchovies (too damned salty).

Disappointed Kenny

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Jan 30, 2021
The world's saddest, shittiest hot dogs from Sheetz. I only used to eat them because they were cheap (2/$1) and I was poor. But eat the same shitty food for long enough, and you'll come to actually like it.
Man that shit's so true. I remember when they had 3/$1, great late-night snack right there. Shittiest hot dogs ever but there's something about them...


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Dec 9, 2020
Mountain Dew Voltage. It's so damn bad for you and looks like something your friend would be drinking while playing MW2 in 2009. Nevertheless, it's my favorite soda cuz I think it tastes good. Superior to most of the other sodas I've had besides their Baja Blast.

Slappy McGherkin

Bartender? Make that a double.
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Mar 28, 2019
Here's one that just hit me, havent had them since I was young, but deep-fried chicken gizzards. They're so disgustingly chewy and squishy but they tasted really good.
I used to make some killer gizzards and gravy over rice. Pound the shit out of them with my meat hammer (yes, a real thing, not my dick). They're good deep-fried, but as you said -- like eating grizzle.

Big fan of lengua, too. Beef tongue. Gotta boil da shit out of it, but is like the finest cut of roast beef ever.

I eat a lot of weird shit. It's cheap as hell and if you know how to cook it, good eats!

Draw the line at brains, though. I'll eat scrapple, souse, and other parts is parts, but brains aren't safe. Unless you're a zombie.

Umbrella Corp endorses brains.


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Jul 28, 2020

Ordering this will get you bad looks from posh people, but i really like it since i was a kid, i tend to really love entrails and animal organs, love liver, hearth, blood sausage too, all good stuff.

Also recommend chicken feet, they are amazing and shock full of vitamin B, a chicken feet soup will bring the dead back to life.