Awful food you love - Guilty pleasures galore

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Dec 29, 2021
I'm not going to spend all the money to ship it in ice but I would be curious about your opinion of the Grandiosa, a frozen pizza that I hate with a passion because it's cardboard but at the same time it's the informal national dish of Norway. I hate it so much.
Those look like the celeste or Totino's pizzas here in the states. Totino's is a pretty good analog to little Caesars and are equally split on people who love them and people who would rather eat concrete.

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Jun 5, 2020
Ramen w/ Cream Cheese.
I add a little half and half or heavy cream (keyword is a little) to my ramen sometimes along with gochujang and a squeeze of lime. It makes it into a creamier type of soup.

I used to eat these frozen beef chimichangas in high school. I bought a pack recently and reimbursed how addicted to them I was. They're shit for you, but tasty and fast.

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Jan 16, 2020
El Monterey Taquitos, but they have to be from Costco. No idea why but they're just better there. I'm not proud of it but there have been a few work weeks where I've just said fuck it and had them for lunch every day.

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Jul 21, 2020
7-11 has pretty good hot food. I know it's questionable and microwaved and weird and probably old but it hits hard
Gas station food in general rocks. I know that hotdog has been rotating there for over a day but there's something about getting your slurpy and fixing up a hotdog and eating it on some bench outside the store. The atmosphere sucks so much that the fact that it doesn't taste half bad means it tastes great.


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Jun 9, 2019
Banquet fried chicken. Lowest tier tv dinner but that chicken is delicious.

Feb 5, 2022
A couple years ago I tried vegan Nashville Hot "chicken wings" and loved them. I try to stay away from fried foods, but was worth the try.

I have been getting back into eating clean again and next dirty meal will be a giant taco truck burrito.

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Jan 14, 2019
Onion Dip. Potato chips, corn chips, tortilla chips, carrots, celery - anything is just a shovel to put more dip in my mouth.

Pro-Level: Mixing dip, of packets from boutique shops and quality mayo and sour cream. Store-brand dips never compares these days.

Edit to add: Honorable mention goes to all other dips. Ranch, asparagus, cheese, salmon, and crab - I love you too.