Babies Being Scared By Elmo Playlist

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New Year's Sperg

Literally a wizard.
Jan 1, 2022
Elmo is actually the Devil incarnate. Every form of Elmo must be eliminated at all costs!


Apr 17, 2020
I remember Beanie Babies.

One of the big crazes of the '90s aside from monsters of pocket.

I've told this story in chat before, but I will retell it here because beeny babby

When I was like 3 or 4 my grandma and I were at Cracker Barrel (if you dont know what that is it is like a restaurant exclusively for white republicans where seasoning of any kind is banned and it has a gift shop attached) and had finished eating. On the way to the register, my grandma said I could go pick out a toy from the gift shop right next to the entryway and bring it back while she waited in line.

This was during the pinnacle of the beany baby craze, so they had a whole wall of 'babies. There was an older couple looking through them and I walked up to the other end of the wall. Because I was so small I could see clearly underneath the bottom of the racks and I saw a colorful bear tucked in under there so I reached in and grabbed it.

As soon as I had pulled it out the older woman, who was probably in her fifties, sees me and makes this audible noise like "OH!". She rushes over to me with her husband behind her and grabs me hard by the arm with one hand and snatches the bear out of my hands with the other. I will never forget the hateful look she gave me as she did this, and it all happened so fast I didn't even have a chance to react. Then the lady and her husband turned and left. Before I really even knew what happened I heard my grandma calling my name from the register so I just grabbed a weiner dog beany baby instead and we checked out. I named the dog Fred and he lived for 10 years with me until my real dog, Mugsy, chewed his eyeballs out in a jealous rage.