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Bad Book to Film Adaptationsor I expected nothing and I’m still let down

Discussion in 'Art & Literature' started by Kurosaki Ichigo, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. "More immediately evil" then. You know what I meant.
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  2. I want my career buried
    in a Pet Sematery
    I don't wanna collect a paycheck again.
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  3. God I love Bret Easton Ellis

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  4. His best is still Glamorama. Ends on a terrorist attack on a plane
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  5. It doesn't even look as gritty or bloody as the 80s movie. What's the point of this remake? It's not even one of Stephen King's more popular novels.
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    MarvinTheParanoidAndroid This will all end in tears, I just know it.

  6. The movie for Filth by John S Baird.

    The murder that gets the story going is changed right away to be less insensitive or some nonsense which would be fine if it stayed consistent with a characters motivation to commit the act, but they don't so it really undermines that characters story. Instead of really showing how much of a wretch Bruce is it either lightly implies things or completely ignores them. How they treat is health is fucked up too, in the book you're told about his shit diet, drug abuse, and general cleanliness which leads to him mostly being limp dicked on edge and with a horrible rash and tapeworms. Instead you get him getting a refill on anti psychotics to just slap you in the face with BRAIN PROBLEMS rather than letting people come to the conclusion that hes kind of fucked in the head by his actions.

    They also change the ending majorly
    Bruce decides to call his ex-wife who he left because she cheated on him with a black man, and get her to go to his place. He's mostly come to the conclusion that he is irredeemable and that only caring for himself has led him down a shit path with that partly being the fault of her. He sets up a noose and chair by the front door while wearing a shirt that says "YOU CAUSED THIS" waiting for her to come. He hears a key go in the lock and jumps only to have his daughter open the door followed by his wife and he realizes he really wanted to live and love them still while they're screaming and crying trying to save him. He gets the victory he thinks he wanted but he immediately regrets it. Instead you get the only characters he's shown any warmth to opening the door and Bruce making a joke while he hangs himself.
  7. With the exception of "The Hunt for Red October", all the other Tom Clancy adaptations are utter shit.

    Clear and Present Danger: Book Felix Cortez would have spat in disgust at his film version (who did things Book Cortez explicitly considered idiotic like killing your own information source). Harrison Ford was stuck trying to stay loyal to Jack Ryan's character while still having him do a lot of scenes that went to more appropriate characters in the books, and the ending misses the point of the book. I could go on, but even Clancy hated it, as the original draft of the movie stayed reasonably true to the book.

    The Sum of All Fears: Barely resembles it's source material and some of the most ridiculous changes (swapping out Islamic terrorists with Neo Nazis) basically missed the point of the choice in terrorists the book reasonably explained.

    Patriot Games: Replacing the Prince of Wales with a stand in replacement was fine, but they basically tried to make an action movie out of a story where the whole point was that the real heroes were the intel pros who zeroed in on the bad guys for the action heroes.
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  8. Because for boomer and gen-x horror fans "Stephen King" equates to '"must see"
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  9. I'm gonna throw in two more along these lines.
    Those two being the planned adaptations of Without Remorse and Rainbow Six.
    First they cast Michael B. Jordan as John Clark so you've got some good old fashioned Black Washing right off the bat.
    Without Remorse because Hollywood is never going to portray killing drug dealers in Baltimore positively.
    And Rainbow Six will probably get fucked over because Hollywood will decide that EcoTerrorists and IRA offshoots aren't "relevant" anymore, and Jihadists are too uncomfortable, and change the bad guys to Alt Right Militia men or some shit like that because Woke.
    Maybe I'll end up pleasantly surprised but I'm not holding my breath.
  10. This
    Both sources were bad though
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    Venus Dat bitch

  11. Atlas Shrugged. Terrible adaptation.

    tomthehusky I used to do heroin and put a gun in my ass.

  12. I haven't read the novella but Hellraiser is excellent and from what I've researched made all the right moves for an adaptation.

    On the subject of the OP, I'd say Jurassic Park: the Lost World. Crichton wrote the novel solely because Spielberg asked him to, and then Ol' Steve ignored 90% of it. Granted, the novel itself was probably too dour and technical to make for a good faithful adaptation, but that doesn't mean it had to turn into this weird tree-hugger/monster mash hybrid.
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  13. I was going to post Dune then, Dune the miniseries and Dune forever will be a bad book to film adaptation.

    If only because people don’t get that Dune is a not very subtle deconstruction of the usual story tropes all the while directly employing those tropes.

    Paul as the Chosen One is a Bene Gesserit psy ops meme that he’s leveraged and he eventually destroys who and what the Fremen are.

    Duncan Idaho is usually an easily manipulated twit no matter how much he shrieks and postures about how no one can tell him what’s what.

    No wonder no one liked what Herbert wrote after the first book.
  14. The books themselves are adaptions: the original was a radio series.
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