Bad Book to Film Adaptations - or I expected nothing and I’m still let down

Jessica Campbell
Any other movies that were ruined or had their ending ruined because of test audiences?
I don't think that we would ever know if it was ruined because of the test audiences, but Suicide Squad had massive changes due to test audiences and we all know what a piece of shit that movie was. I wouldn't be surprised if the original version of the movie was even worse though considering the director doesn't have a good track record.


Vincent Dawn
True & Honest Fan
I go back and fourth on Pasolini's Salo: the 120 Days of Sodom. I think it's a great film but it's only a fraction of just how bad Sade's unfinished novel truly is. Sade's work is like an anti-bible. The Mariana Trench of literature. Sade's philosophy (which is, oddly, the most shocking part of his work rather than graphic depictions of violence and rape) isn't represented at all.

On that note: Jess Franco's adaptation of Justine is a decent attempt. Coming out at the wrong time of 1969. A ton of the more disturbing aspects are omitted and the philosophy is gone. It was a genius move to cast Klaus Kinski as Marquis De Sade but he literally does nothing the whole movie except pose.

Less Than Zero is legitimately the worst

The book is all about the culture of nihilism and decadence in LA. It ends on a snuff film and the lead losing his friend to prostitution

The movie decides the entire thing was a cheesy anti drug message (despite everyone in the book continuing to snort cocaine and pop xanx)

To this day that movie has destroyed the reputation of the book. It turned a scathing critique of hedonistic excess into drugs are bad m'kay
I don't think Less Than Zero is a masterpiece but it's an interesting book and a correct adaption by someone like Gaspar Noe would be fucking amazing. The movie has NOTHING to do with the book aside from the setting and character names. That's it.
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Some stuff just works better in a book.
There's a reactor meltdown in Hunt for Red October. It's described step by step and it's one of the most frightening things I've ever read. It's not in the movie. How could you even film it?
Same thing with The Martian. I do like the film, but the book is so much more engrossing.

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