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So I’ve been wanting to get back into reading bad fanfiction. I’ve read My Immortal, 30Hs and Harry Potter School of Prayer and Miracles.

There is plenty of bad fanfiction out there and it would be fun to have something entertainingly bad to read. It can be about anything, just be sure to post a short summary (it can just be a few words if you want). Also, post a link to it or tell which fanfiction site it’s on.

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Let me introduce you to Back to the Frollo, the first story in a huge-ass saga about a mary sue named Danisha, and her lover, Claude Frollo. Yes, that Claude Frollo. It is a tale of racism, character-defilement, rape apology, bigotry, bullshit headcanons, stupidity, plotholes, and utter insanity.

One big thing to mention here. The author was an adult when she wrote this (in her 40s if some second-hand information about her is correct), and accidentally doxxed her co-workers and students in the notes at the end of the story. Also, she wrote porn between her OC and Frollo.

I'm serious.

Honestly, if she was still active today, she would be considered a lolcow considering how batshit insane she was.
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Snape and Hermione are in a BDSM relationship after he asserts dominance by making her stand in one place all night and piss herself. There's an underground wizard and witch BDSM group with big sex parties and debut submissive parties. Lots of drama between Snape and Hermione. IS IT JUST FOR FUN? ARE WE REALLY IN A RELATIONSHIP??? Very fond of the word "quim".

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Forgive my lack of links, on my shitty potato phone with no access to the bookmark folder of bad fanfiction. Shame because this topic is absolutely my wheelhouse.

My Inner Life by ZeldaQueen: Would just be a terrible Mary Sue self insert Legend of Zelda story if it weren't for one crucial detail; the author insists the story is an autobiography of her life with Link on the astral plane. Terribly written erotic sections, surprise watersports.

Metroid High School by XSAMUSXRIDLEY4EVAX or something like that: I honestly don't remember a lot since it has been a while since I read it but I remember "the cholera" playing a role.

Hogwarts Exposed and all of its sequels: Harry Potter post-book but if shitty Mary Sues turned everyone into nudists like they're nudist missionaries. Preach about the same too. Lots of underage nudity that the author insists multiple times isn't sexual until it is. Brilliantly torn apart by an LJ user I cannot remember.

That's sn extensive reading list to start and I always have more. Bad fanfiction was my gateway into watching lolcows years and years ago and it's still one of my favorite internet things.