Bad Plastic Surgery - all the pics

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I don't think we have this in the Beauty Parlor (the body mod thread is similar though) but every girly site tends to delve into this. Lets post shitty plastic surgery pics, the more horrific the better.

I started this because I was looking at Blac Chyna's recent revenge porn nudes and found this pic that shows (as far as I'm concerned) a wandering ass implant (also is this actually Blac chyna?)
now a terrible Darryl Hannah

Goddamn it Rouke

and then the classic lady who injected cooking oil when she couldn't get silicone anymore


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There's this weird trend in Japan called "Donut head" where they just inject silicone into your head until it swells up and then the doc or who ever injected the silicone uses their thumb to put a dent in it. It isn't permanent and it eventually wears off but it's like... weird.
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It's saline solution.
Really dumb, but it goes away in the course of a night.
And I think it started in Canada


This thread teaches us of a valuable life lesson, kids.

Be confident in yourself and how you look. Don't resort to stupid ass body modifications like this. Trust me, bubby...You are fabulous the way you are. <3

Also to age gracefully. Botox is not cool. RIP Hunter Tylo and Victoria Principal's faces :(


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severe mental illness
Indeed. She had pages and pages of documents calling out her plastic surgeon for supposedly botching her surgery, and it was all as delusional and borderline psychotic as you might expect. Unfortunately, it's all gone down the memory hole since she died.

I just don't understand how people can honestly believe they can transform into anything besides what they are.

The guy who tried to look like Justin Bieber via surgery

Venus D'Lite, a drag queen featured on RuPaul's Drag Race, tries to modify their face to look like Madonna


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I've seen that Beiber guy on Botched. The surgeons wouldn't do it.

I'm not against plastic surgery as long as you know what you are doing and trying not to change yourself. Confession: I say that as a regular Botox user-for migraines. (It works if you are a migraineur, can't recommend it enough.). Yes, I'm using it medically and not for looks so it's not the same. I see some women leaving looking pretty good but maybe they did anyway. The Botox doesn't make me younger, just weirder. It's the price I pay and there are always bangs. But a little filler here and there goes away.(haven't done that)

Puffing up lips, fucking with eyes, anything with a scalpel, I'm not sure I get it. It doesn't really make people look much younger and it can go horribly wrong. Just as Meg Ryan.

TL 611

Anastasiya Shpagina - she's a russian instahoe / beauty guru who's had a lot of work done. Also her surname looks like it's pronounced "spag-gina" to me which has always made me giggle *yawn* I think she's had it fixed, but it looked terrible when it was first done.

She had a botched nosejob performed by a surgeon who was willing to offer a discount for publicity on Instagram.
It's fucked.

She's got dents in her nose and uneven nostrils.

Her surgeon is notorious for fucking up people's boob jobs etc. You can read about it here, where a russian has helpfully translated a lot of important information. He sent Anastasiya death threats after she told her userbase about her botched surgery. The plan was for her to get a reduced price due to the publicity she'd bring the surgeon, but after she told everyone he was a butcher, he sent her threatening shit like this:

The surgeon is known to be on Instagram in the MIDDLE OF SURGERIES and lie about who he's worked on.

Here's a screenshot of another woman who went to the same surgeon about a boobjob.

If you want to see implants slipping under the muscle, necrotic tissue, and lots of bad boob jobs, click here