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geh, tis good ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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she looks like one of those ancient japanese drawing coming to life.
Yeah, I was thinking of the matchmaker from Mulan.

I think when the silicon reacts like that it calcifies surrounding tissue or something.
Think a documentary I saw of another tranny that did the same thing said it just ends up being a lump under the skin.

Hopefully it's not too painful, just humiliating.

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Best 2 silver coins I’ve ever spent.
You'd have hoped they'd have learned by now...

It’s always trans that get these back alley injections, it’s like they have no concerns for their well-being. I mean this one is a Brazilian prostitute and trans prostitutes have HIV infection rates higher than any other demographic. Also it’s Brazil so double the pozz. You might as well start your day playing Russian roulette.

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Yes. A woman soon to be 60, that's why she looks like a troon.
She doesn't look like a troon because she is 60. She looks like a troon because of the bad plastic surgery (just look at that horror-nose), cheap wig and horrible drag queen-like makeup. Sigourney Weaver is 71 and looks way better and so does Susan Sarandon who is 74. Susan had plastic surgery but still looks better than this granny-Barbie-man in drag lookalike.


He was also like super sick for a long while with throat cancer. I don't know how much of that is actual plastic surgery versus weird throat cancer steroid bloat etc.
True, but this was even before that.
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I don’t think val Kilmer is bad surgery, he just got fat and old.

Look at Tom Cruz though, maybe there really is something to this Scientology thing...
Why did you try to make Tommy sound hispanic


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basically every girl on TOWIE. the lips always look awful , i don't find it attractive, nor do i know any man who does.
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this is criminal.

I think the whole lip shit got started when they were shilling Angelina Jolie as being a lot hotter than she actually was. She had really puffy-looking lips when she was younger, and I think a lot of dumb chicks kind of gravitated towards that.

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