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Sweeney did nothing wrong.
I think it's so telling that she wears the corset on the outside of her clothes- it's normal to want attention, but to go to this extreme and make your every living moment an attempt to get stares. Her self esteem must be in shambles.
Pretty sure I saw something on her a while back, that her surgeon botched something, she went into a coma and now has permanent brain damage.
It was something like that.
Last year I got curious and started digging to find out what was going on with Pixee and it certainly was enough for a post so I started on it and after a while I got sidetracked. It was like untangling christmas lights, nothing really shocking it was more "brah, that's retarded", "that's kind of sad" and "brah, that guy should get kicked in the balls". I should have taken notes/screenshots but I have some stuff saved so I'll get around to it soon.

Here's a sad video segment that is supposedly post-braindamage. I cut it out of a longer video, follow her facial expression towards the end(you need to fullscreen it).

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Smaug's Smokey Hole

Sweeney did nothing wrong.
That's honestly heart-breaking if true.
Her near-death in surgery was used by her then (american) boyfriend to promote himself and his startup. They split after that and he got some other girl. I should have taken notes and screenshots.

Before surgery she/he announces she was The Thing of his social media startup.

He made this video about her getting fucked up getting surgery, then posted it on HER Instagram I think, to promote MemReez, somehow.


This is her now:ish, last yer, she lives with her family in Sweden and does horse-girl stuff. Her speech in her native language seems normal so maybe it didn't hit that.

I really don't get why her and Paige got their lips filled like they did. Carmella was fine, with the right lipstick Paige looked great. Now they look like they kissed a weed whacker
I feel the same way about Charlotte. Her face is so fucked now. She was so beautiful before. Now she looks almost unrecognizable. Plus her boob job doesn't look great either. She basically turned herself into a basic bitch Instagram clone. It's kind of sad.

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