Off-Topic Bad Plastic Surgery - all the pics

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Did she have so much injected that it migrated into her gums?
It’s not an amount thing, it is a botched job. This can happen if the technician doesn’t know what they’re doing and puts filler in the wrong layer. It looks like her gums, but it’s actually just a second lip flap that partially covers her teeth when she smiles. Her gums are behind it. She started to get them dissolved, but couldn’t wait and went and stuffed them with more filler before her old filler had time to dissolve.


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I'm pretty sure I've seen people that view this sort of thing as a fetish. By which I mean they find sexual gratification in the idea of someone getting plastic surgery to fix some perceived issue with their looks only to irreparably ruin themselves in hilarious yet cringe inducing ways. It's like something straight out of /d/.

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All she needed was her teeth fixing.

What happens when these women grow old? Take the basketballs out of the chest, or spend your entire oap years pushing them around on a shopping trolley while your back slowly disintegrates?
From what I’ve seen they regret it, women who got the string implant, which is illegal now, didn’t realize their breast will continue to grow for decades after they were hot babes in their 20’s. These women who got string implants are now in their 50’s and 60’s with breast that weight 30+ pounds each as nursing homes and osteoporosis are on the horizon. Oh and no cosmetic surgeon wants to remove those implants as the liability is too great.