Bad Plastic Surgery - all the pics

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This looks like halloween make up but this chick is really just that extreme/frightening. I know she just got surgery done but considering how she looks normally, it’s not that far off. Whoever is agreeing to work on her still is a shitbag, because she’s obviously unwell.
Imagine brutalizing yourself like this. The worst part of this overdone plastic surgery is how cookie cutter the person looks.

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Are you a cleric or something?
These have to be some of the worst lip fillers I've ever seen.. how much are they injecting these women with? Looks like way more than 1ml :cryblood:


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You serious?
These have to be some of the worst lip fillers I've ever seen.. how much are they injecting these women with? Looks like way more than 1ml :cryblood:
Holy shit, the second ones look like someone just selected the lips in photoshop and blew them up. They're disproportionately large compared to the rest of her head.


im intersex i have both uwu
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Is it bad that I saw this and immediately thought of that Iranian woman who shoops herself to look like undead Angelina Jolie :story:

In all seriousness, it's definitely still horrifying but it is a lot better than most lip fillers I've seen around, where the cupid's bow totally disappears and the whole upper lip just curls into a bloated earthworm, which seems to be what most of these...test subjects, had previously.

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holy fuck that last guy didnt even have a face
Powerlevelling but I had an accident about 12 years ago kite surfing into a pier that split my face from forehead to chin, and had to have 3 lots of plastic surgery.

Now 12 years on the only time it's really noticeable is if I go out in the sun, as all the scarring doesn't really tan. My top lip going up to my nose just looks a bit crooked (think a even less severe Joaquin Phoenix), I get really bad sinuses, and have a reverse Hitler if I don't shave where no hair grows on that part of my top lip, but it's amazing the before and after.

I looked like someone had dropped a ketchup filled sloppy joes on the floor at first, and now for the most part it looks like general wear and tear.

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More wrinkled pucker tiddy. People in the comments were drooling and talking about how great they were - bitch where.
Also some prolapsed-anus lips and botched butt. All around awful.

I will never understand why anyone thinks this type of ass is attractive. It’s so unnatural that there’s just this built in repulsion because it just looks wrong. The boobs look wrong too, but it’s just not as repulsive as the ass implants to me.