Bad voice acting/dialogue in games - "HI RYEEEUUUU"


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Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean.

GameCube RPG that I actually like and feel is a bit underrated, but Jesus the voice acting is terrible. It sounds like they just rounded up some of the staff members and told them to talk into the mic while holding a cardboard tube to their mouth.
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The entirety of the Kingdom Hearts franchise. What the fuck were they thinking?
...dude fuck off. You're goddamn exceptional if you think the entirety of the franchise' voice acting was bad. All the original VA's of their respective Disney characters were good (James Woods/Hades, Jodi Benson/Ariel, Gilbert Gottfried/Iago, original Aladin, Alice, Jack Skellington, etc.) along with others namely including Christoper Lee (and yes he did a voice in the series see KH2), whoever did the first Ansem, Auron (same person who voiced him in FFX), etc.

If anything, the vast majority of VAs were fine. The problem was the scripts for those games aren't good, but that's not the voice actors fault.