Bad voice acting/dialogue in games - "HI RYEEEUUUU"


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The golden example of awful voice acting in video games.

"you almost became a (heh) Jill sandwich"
"oh Barryyy"

I love jap games but god damn If the translations aren't shit most of the time and dubbed makes the story less serious.


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Can't get any worse than Code Veronica
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ISS Pro had amazing commentary, which often bore no relation to what was going on. The weirdest thing by far though was how he pronounced Nigeria, which sounded like it was recorded by a completely different person


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The Butcher is a sadistic creature...

Though listening again, most of the voices are pretty exceptional.



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I wouldnt call it a bad VA, but more as a bad VA direction, dunno.
In Prey 2017 there is russian character, and her VA did really good job in slav accent. But every time when there were russian words in her dialoge, she pronounced them with strong american accent. It is not a proble for english-speakers, but russian is my native language and this pronounciation confused me every time i heard it.


But seriously, Yuna's VA was not only inexperienced, but she was trying to match her dialogue to the mouth flaps (which is both in a different language and in a completely alien acting tradition*). Every time she opens her mouth my anus slams shut audibly. By Ffx-2, she sounded a lot more natural, she had more acting experience and the localizers adjusted the mouth flaps to the actors.

*Japanese acting style emphasizes random words for dramatic effect. To see how that sounds in English, see Resident Evil, the bilingual writer insisted on directing the English voice actors in the Japanese style.

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The game itself is actually quite good but Hitler's voice acting is awful
Much like real life.

The Butcher is a sadistic creature...

Though listening again, most of the voices are pretty exceptional.

Weren't most Blizzard games from this era 90% voiced by just dudes at the office? I mean, it's no Star Control 2 in terms of amateur voice work, but it's not bad by that standard.


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Metal Wolf Chaos is partially cheating, it's supposed to be cheesy, but I still do have one complaint even the intentional cheese can't explain.

While the voice acting is in rather good English for a Japanese only game (ported over intact for Metal Wolf Chaos XD), the sync of the audio makes it sound every sentence has a few extra pauses for no apparent reason, makes everyone sound really stilted.


Deep Freeze is a rather obscure game that was never released outside of Japan. If you want to see it in all it’s hilarity, I recommend Retsupurae’s videos on it.
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Am I autistic or is it just really hard to tell what is bad acting when you don't understand the language at all?
Or is it both?

NBA 2K15 & NBA 2K16 (and that was "written" by Spike Lee).

And this is a AAA game with subpar voice acting.
They read their lines at a fourth grade level, and presumably this is the best series of takes they could get out of them.