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But it has an ED article. (ED is currently down again)
Whether it does or not don't really matter, the comic itself is actually good considering the schlock out there in the furry fandom. I can perhaps only name a handful of decent furry comics, and this'd be one of them.

Whatever you think about furries, you can't compare Lackadaisy to say, an Assigned Male or Dobson. The Gold standard for shitty webcomics.


Hovers over the e-highway of autism
grain of salt, but iirc the author of the comic said himself that he isnt a furry, that the comic is like that because he likes the cats dont dance artstyle
Yeah, but if you do anything with anthro, you're gonna get lumped in with furries. The better furry webcomics generally aren't done by people who identify as furries.

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grain of salt, but iirc the author of the comic said himself that he isnt a furry, that the comic is like that because he likes the cats dont dance artstyle
She is Tracy Butler and that is incorrect. She was a very early anthro artist on Elfwood from way back when (her first stab at a comic was about a Fox named...Fox in a fantasy setting) And she was considered to be one of the best anthro artists of the time which is not wrong. She is mega talented but I believe she grew very disillusioned with the anthro community and it dissolving into the clusterfuck that is the furry community now.

Because remember, really early anthro ('funny animals') art used to be just artists inspired by Disney and Don Bluth cartoons who created anthro art that wasn't just sex based but when the early anthro cons started advertising to fetish and kink people to gather interest - the furry community emerged as a gross newborn from the anthro's dead corpse. And it displaced a lot of good artists who didn't like the change and accepting disgusting animal fuckers and pedos.

So I imagine Tracy distanced herself from the furry community but still likes drawing cute anthro stuff. I don't blame her. I liked anthro art too back in the day but I will gladly burn down a furry convention now.


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Kind of side tracking the topic and going back to that Puppy artist. I read the rest of the pages and looked through their twitter and oh boi.

Y’all want to talk about a writer publicizing their fetishes? Stwawbwewymilk got you covered. They’re a self admitted “Plushophile” (Really love how close this sounds to pedophile) . Main character spends one page fucking their plushie tiger for really no narrative reason than stwaw wanted to draw it. The kid could have blacked out and had their dream with the leeches any other way but Stwaw decided to fully illustrate the kid fucking a plushie.

There’s some tard cum when Stwaw responded to the backlash that ensued from pages 15-16, the plushie fucking page. A lot of indirects to her curious cat questions, retweeting other people’s tweets that excuse pedophilic behavior and ships, and a couple of tweets including the one below.


Stwaw tries to make it into a gender thing when it’s really a matter of portraying the young kid’s struggle with identity and sexuality in a distasteful light. And being a CSA survivor really doesn’t give anyone a excuse to make content that appeals to abusers (see Melanie)

Also people railing so hard against being a pedophile and accusations don’t tend to draw panty shots and plushie fetish related pieces of their young child/ youthful looking characters.

C’mon the kid’s penis is clearly sticking out from his underwear- you can’t even try and pass this off as anything but fetish-y