Orbiter Baked Alaska / Tim Treadstone / Tim Gionet / Anthime Joseph Gionet - White rapper, alt-right "activist", ex-Buzzfeed contributor; got arrested at the March for Trump

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Wow, really? Cool,
Aug 9, 2019
He is losing it on his live stream right now. Seething out of control. It's amazing. And to add insult to injury, his Jewish ex Gf just launched her onlyfans.

Christmas came early this year for YOBA.
The only chick worth paying $25 to see nudes of would be Buffalo '66 era Cristina Ricci, you'd have to pay me to look at Tims used up meat flaps. I bet she'll abandon her Onlyfans as fast as she abandoned Tim though.


I got in...
Sep 18, 2016
lmao Im sure baked has worked with or is cooperating with the feds. Something about him always being at the events that give the biggest stain on right wingers filming everyones face. Unite the Right rally, Capitol Riot, probably a few others I cant name off the bat right now. Sure he got charged for the Capitol but its a misdemeanortrespassing charge. Thats something that gets community service or even dismissed. Plus he is also involved with that twitter shit from 2016 with Ricky Vaughn. That guy is getting fucked while baked doesnt even talk about it.

$25 a month? damn... Ill wait for the leaks
I don't think he's a Federal Informant but I think he's a Judas Goat instead:

So he's a Fed asset without realizing it and without the liability if a Fed Informant does something stupid like mace a bouncer.


hello fellow goyim
May 13, 2021
The e-begging never stops;

UPDATE: Swatted yet again
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